Hope is a Bird


Chapter 1

A white dove flew across the faint blue sky and soon disappeared into the mist of clouds. Little did Marianne notice this. The days were too long and her body was numb. Her mother had been deathly ill and was now in delirium. The delirium had been too much for Marianne and now that Jane was home, she had been able to get away. Marianne knew all too well where her mother would be. But it made her heart ache when she thought. When her sister had passed away a year ago, the companion and best friend of her life was gone forever into the depths of Heaven with God. Her sister, being only a year older, had helped her through times when she had been emotionally ill and physically. She listened to Marianne's dreams and hopes. Yes, sensible, smart, yet, imaginative, Rose. But although her spirits had been lively and countenance good-natured, her body was delicate and weak. When the plague in Manchester occurred, Rose had been a victim. For the desperate last months, the laughter in her eyes and the lively spirit were both gone. She had too, like Marianne's mother, had gone into deliria. When her last moment had come, she could not even recognize Marianne. This Marianne grieved in most, she had not been able to say good-bye. All she could do was say that she loved her and they would be together someday again. Marianne's eyes smarted at the thought and she shook her head to shake her empty with her thoughts.

When she looked up, she caught a glimpse of a shadow, lurking behind the trees and in panic; she picked up her bonnet and ran back to the house.


Chapter 2

"Jane!" Marianne called out. The shadow had added to her troubles and her imagination had gotten the better of her commonsense. Jane was the youngest of the sisters. Jane was actually only a half-sister and the favorite of her father, Sir Hembert.

"Yes, I am coming. Please be quiet your mother is ill." Oh! Marianne sighed in hopeless anger. How dare she! To call our mother, my mother. To sound as if she was not responsible as equally as me! Ungrateful girl! Marianne replied in a feigned calmness," Well, dear, please come and tend your father. For he is calling and I do not like him enough to carry out his favors. Our mother will be tended by me." Jane appeared at the door. She kicked up her foot and gently put in down and proceeded to do the same with her other foot. Getting impatient Marianne calmly said, "Oh, yes, yes. Your walking is very pretty, dear. Just about as pretty as your face!" She ran up into the room and locked it before Jane could understand the meaning.

Why of all people did Mother marry Sir Hembert?!? He was probably the stupidest man in all of Europe! Oh, and how he spoiled Jane so! Thinking these thoughts, she fell asleep.


"Open the door. HURRY!" Marianne jerked her head, but then realizing that it was only Jane, she rolled her eyes in exasperating.

"Quickly! I have such exciting news!" The minute the door was open, Jane jumped on Marianne.

"You are an aggravating girl! What is it?!?"

"You will never guess. I am so happy! There is a new gentleman in town!"


  2001 Copyright held by the author.


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