The Magic Glass House


Malinda was a nice descent girl who lived in Wholecorn. Her house was at the edge of town. She lived there alone, taking care of herself though she was really young. Malinda was okay living like that. But sometimes she felt scared and lonely, then she would sit and cry until she felt a little better.

One beautiful sunny morning Malinda went for a walk in the Magic Garden. "What a wonderful morning it is!" she cried “It is just perfect for something good to happen!". Malinda walked for a while waiting for something good to appear when reached the Lake of Glassed Mirrors. By then she was really bored already, she has been waiting but nothing happened.

Malinda leaned down to touch the water when suddenly she saw a refection of a glass house that was never there before! Malinda turned around not knowing if what she saw was true. To her great surprise she was not dreaming. The house stood there with the sun shining through its glass walls creating millions of little rainbows. Malinda was a very curious girl, so she decided to go inside.

There was a stone path leading to the glass house. That too was never there before. Malinda slowly walked up the path, while looking around to see if there were people around. There was none. Malinda knocked on the door. There was no answer; she gently pushed the door open. Inside it was beautiful! It was all glass, gold and diamonds! Malinda could not take her eyes off the beauty and shinny glow of everything. The sun shining through the glass made the white marble floor look like a huge stunning rainbow. The diamonds on the lamps and chandeliers were glowing brightly. Everything there added to the magical atmosphere. All of a sudden Malinda heard a low voice whisper "Malinda? You have finally come".

Malinda turned around. Stunned. There stood a beautiful lady. "Mother?" Malinda couldn't believe her eyes! Her mother stood there before her, the person Malinda wished to see when she felt lonely and sad, she did not see her for years. She didn't know what to do. They were both silent for a moment but then Malinda ran to hug her mother. Her mother did not hug her back, she just stood there smiling at her daughter. Malinda broke away from her.


She did not answer.

Malinda started crying and screaming, "Mother! I missed you! Didn't you miss me? Please answer me! Where did you go? Please... Oh mother! ...Please...." Slowly her voice died and her cheeks became wet. The tears fell down, coming out like a storm. Her mother kept smiling as if her daughter’s tears meant nothing. Malinda turned around and sat weeping on a chair by a window. Then her mother seemed to awake from her indifference, she walked to her daughter and put her hand on her head.

"Dear..." she whispered “I am sorry! I cannot stay here. I just came to tell you that I love you. I do not want you to be sad, that makes me sad."

Malinda looked up at her. Her tearful eyes blocked the sight of her smiling mother.

"But mother, you left me here alone! With all the fear and danger in this world!"

"I am in a better place now, they have rules there, all the souls have to stay inside and all the people have to stay outside. But once in 10 years we can see each other, in here only. Dear, once in 10 years when I will see will be when you most need me".

Malinda, still crying, looked into her mother's still smiling eyes and asked, "Mother, are you dead?"

Her mother's smile was gone. She looked at her for a Long moment with a terrible face. Then she started disappearing. She managed to whisper, "I shall see you again in a few years. Good luck in life my brave child". And with a last smile she was gone.

The empty shining room looked so big and scary all of a sudden. It was dead silent; there was no wind, no chirping and no rush of water. Silence. But then it hit her, "Mother!!!" Malinda let out a terrible cry, but she knew it would not help. The realization that she would not see her mother for many more years hit her hard. She did not see her mother for 6 years, but she thought she would never see her again. Now that she knew she will, the lose hurt even more.

The throbbing pain in her heart was increasing fast, she could bare it no more!! She had to stop it fast!! She had to see her mother now!!!!

Malinda ran outside the Glass House and down the stone path. All the way out of the Magic Garden and in to her home. She did not stop. She could not stop. She ran into the kitchen with the words "stop the pain, see mother!" racing through her mind over and over. She opened a drawer and grabbed something out. Malinda struck the pain, struck hard. So hard that the pain disappeared immediately, gone forever. Poor young Malinda never felt pain again in her life. She joined her mother in the better place. It was beautiful there.

The End

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