Clash of Wills

Part 1

"Gabrella where do you think you are going," said Isaballe from the doorway.

"Why do you care?" said Gabrella under her breath.

"Gabrella, Gabrella there is a letter for you!" yelled ten-year-old Jennifer bursting out the door.

"I can never get out the door any more," said Gabrella trying to get her breath back.

"It's from Elizabeth!" shouted the very excited Gabrella.

"What does it say, what does it say," said five year old Jonathon.

"Should I read it aloud?" said Gabrella.

"Yes, Yes do please do," said fourteen year old Pamilla.

Dear Gabrella,

I write to tell you I will be in Portsmith for the return of our Fathers return. I must ask for your step-Mother if she will be so kind to let me stay at your home, please ask her for me. Also you will be very grieved to hear that Dorris Randell will be coming and a few other friends of ours will be there, including Rose. I beg you to try to get along with the Randell`s my mind will be settled if you at least try to get along with Dorris. There is nothing left to say but that my sister: Kelly will be coming as well I hope to hear from you soon I miss you so give my love to the children I long to see you Till then I remain your most loving friend Elizabeth

"Well you must tell her I will be very happy to have her here," said Isaballe.

"I will but I'm late," said Gabrella rising and running to the door.


"Styles, where have you been" shouted Brumle.

"None of your business," sa?id Gabrella under her breath.

"What was that!?" shouted Mrs. Brumle.

"What was what?" said Gabrella in an effort to confuse him.

"Hey, Meg what's happening?" said Gabrella taking a seat.

" Hi Gabby Dresses, and you almost getting sacked everything's normal," replied Meg very bored

"Well I leave early today," boasted Gabby.

"For what?" protested Meg.

"My Father is coming home today," said Gabby.

"Oh, well then good," said Jenna from the shadows.

"What are you going to do here? I happy for you," said Meg.

"Sure you are," said Gabrella glancing up.

"What time do you leave?" shouted Mrs. Brumle.

"Three o'clock!" said Gabrella.

"You hurry and stop chattering," said Mrs. Brumle.


2001 Copyright held by the author.


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