For Sylvia (a poem)

Spiraling down, tormenting all
hallways darkened stripped of sunlight
anguish, hatred, boredom
will not catch the light, stars shining brilliantly
no, go away, let the dark envelope me
dark oasis is my life



It was I who said I hated you
You who could never be wrong
Always right

Turning left...

For three nights you cried.
Who could handle that?
The rivers of tears you cried
It was drowning me, drowning you.

I begged you to leave, you begged to stay
You said I was not worthy


Is worthy of you. I see your
Black mascara stained face
Bright orange lipstick smeared across that pale cheek

We hurt each other
We love each other
We hate each other



2005 Copyright held by the author.



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