The Right One

Chapter 1

"My darling," he whispered in her ear, making her tingle all over. With his hands around her waist he kissed her softly, then moved his hands to her back and playing with her small, brown curls, he added, " You are quite beautiful."

She smiled and looked up at him. ‘Could this even be for real?' she asked her self.

"Oh, love, the love of my life," she spoke to him in the most gentle tones she was capable of speaking. "Darling Katherine," he mumbled and kissed her once more.

Suddenly she felt herself pushing slowly away.

"Darren, we must get back, you know how my father is," Kat said starring into his light blue eyes.

"Don't you worry at all, dearest, I have your father wrapped around my finger, he tells everyone that he couldn't wish for a better son in law!" he pulled her once again closer to him. She felt a little mischievous when he said that, thinking that ANYONE could remotely control her father, Mr. Christopher Aurbury.

"I'm sure Darren, but I must leave. I have some, well, business, to take care of," Katherine finally broke free of her fiancée's loving grip.

"Business love?" What of?" He said rather curious.

"Just some, well, trivial business, you mustn't worry,"

"I shall worry till I know what the love of my life is up to," he said mischievously. "Tell me," he started again, "tell me where you are of to this time. Shall you go to Paris? Find a whole new wardrobe and new men you should fancy? Perhaps run off with such likes?" he grinned, knowing she knew all of the above was made to be sarcastic.

"Oh Darren, don't even say that! To say the truth.." she stopped.

"Yes? The truth would be nice," he made another sarcastic remark.

"I was getting there, to say the truth, well, I'm afraid I must part from you, for only a short while, I promise, for I am visiting relatives in Hartfortshire, but I will only be gone but a few days,"

She suddenly realized she would have to part from her beloved, and was immediately alarmed. She waited for a reply.

"Are you not troubled by leaving me?" he asked, in a pouting sort of way.

"Of course I am! Any girl would be troubled at leaving the handsomest man in all England!" She smiled and drew closer to him, and lightly kissed him.

"When do you leave?" asked Darren in a sad tone, sticking out his lower lip to give the effect of sadness and pain.

"Love, don't do this to me! I don't want to go! But I haven't seen my relations in ages! Father says I must visit them or I shall surly be thrown out of my uncles will, and of course, as my fathers son, Conter would agree!" she laughed at her comment, for her elder brother, it was true, tried everything in his power to be like his fair father, Kat's father also.

"To answer your question, I leave tomorrow, early," she looked into his eyes. He looked again grieved.

Secretly she remembered when her best friend, Augusta Jane, who had run off and married Colonel Brower, and how she would always be in tears if she left her husband. Katherine used to think to herself how silly it was that they would fuss over only a few days, but now she did not.

"I must leave," she said. Silence. "If you must," he replied, and turned his back to her. She was stricken with fear that he was mad at her, so she quickly ran to him and turned him around.

"I love you," she said. He only frowned and said, "Ill see you tonight at dinner."

He turned and walked up the bank to where their horses were, and he mounted gracefully. The stunning movements he used always swayed other girls. Kat was the same. She nearly swooned at the sight of the gallant man, but she had to visit her relatives, it just had to be done.

Riding home alone, she did not make any noise of the sort. Her horse, Fifer, was a swift horse, and make almost no sound as he entered the stables. She dismounted and walked to her house to open the door. She was greeted by her brother, Conter, who was, as she was told, in the middle of a game of billiards, with their wonderful father. Rolling her eyes, she made no attempt to watch or anything of the sort.

But of course, being his only daughter, Mr. Aurbury had to come to her, and greet her properly.

"My daughter!" he said bowing to her.

"Father," she said curtsying.

"How is that old soon to be son-in-law of mine?" he asked in a jolly tone.

"Um, he is well father, he will be joining us for dinner tonight, as was scheduled," she said, looking away from her fathers bright eyes.

"Wonderful! Grand! To say the leased! Why, Katherine, didn't you have something to do in town? Did you not tell me you had business in town?" he asked.

"Yes, I am to pick up my new gowns, for tomorrow," she said shyly.

"Oh yes! I quite forgot you were to see my brother tomorrow! Well, be on your way then dear," he said hurrying her along.

"I would father, but I must change my clothes a bit, you see, I have a small mud stain on the back of my dress," she said, looking at the rather large stain.

She remembered when she had first dismounted her horse with Darren, how he had placed his hands around her waist and gallantly lifted her off, as if she weighed nothing. Unfortunately, he had accidentally placed her in a mud puddle.

"Oh, how did you get mud on your dress, my dear?" he asked.

"Just a small accident father, not I must run along, before I quite forget where I am headed," she said, jumping up the steps.

"Yes, quite," he called after her, as she shut the door to her room.

She came to town dressed in a much nicer dress, not too nice though. Her friendly neighbors and such greeted her as the saw her.

"Good afternoon, Miss Katherine!" a young woman would call.

"Good afternoon, Fannie!" Kat would call back.

"Good afternoon, Miss Aurbury!" another woman would call.

"Yes, and you also!" she would answer politely.

She was loved by everyone whom new her, and she was very pleased indeed.

"Congratulations!" someone would call to her.

"Oh, thank you indeed!" she would reply.

"Mrs. Drake. Oh, that sound beautiful dear! You shall be very happy!" another would cry.

Finally, after dodging many excited people, she made her way to the dressmakers.

"Ah, Miss Aurbury! Delighted to see you! I have your three gowns right here! Beautiful fabric, I must say! You have exquisite taste!" the dressmaker showed her over to the clothing.

"I will have William take these to the carriage," she said calling for her carriage driver. He immediately put the clothes safely in the carriage.

"I should like to buy a bonnet also," she said looking at all the beautiful bonnets.

"Umm, this one please," she said pointing to a light blue hat with a small blue feather coming from it.

As soon as she paid for the gowns and the bonnet, she got to her carriage and drove off, but not before visiting the bookstore.

"Any new books today, sir?" she asked the familiar bookkeeper.

"Indeed, we have a few, please help yourself to look, Miss Aurbury, but I must tell you, I have read each of the four, and I thin k I like this one best of all," he pointed to a small book on a shelf.

"How Long Shall I Wait?" Katherine read aloud.

"Yes, Miss Aurbury, I think you would like it, you liking romances and such," Mr. Copper said with a smile.

Kat immediately blushed.

"Umm, I'll take it sir, and return it to you when I'm done," she smiled and walked out the door to her awaiting carriage.

As she took her seat on the bench of the carriage, she began to read the book.

"As madam would say secretly, ‘It is but that of whom thou pleases the most, in beauty and in strength, shall thine love thee the best,'" She slowly put the book down, thinking of the words she had just read.

The moment she walked through the door to her home, she was immediately greeted by her father, brother, and fiancée.

"Katherine!" her father called to her.

"You are awfully late, young sister, where have you been?" Conter asked mischievously.

"As I told you both before, and shall I say it again? I am to go to Hartsfortshire tomorrow!"

"Must you remind me?" Darren whispered softly under his breath.

"Ah, yes, well well, we shall forget the subject, but I'm afraid it is dinner time, and as always, I am quite famished!" Mr. Aurbury chuckled with grin.

"Kat," Darren said offering his arm to her.

"Please Darren, don't make this night miserable for us both,"

"Katherine, look, I just don't understand why you MUST go, I mean, cant you see them after the wedding, after we are bored of each other?"

"Bored of each other?!" she said loudly enough that both Conter and Mr. Aurbury could hear them.

"No, no, I meant, I meant," he cursed under his breath.

"What was that? Are you to tell me what you meant by that, Mr. Drake?" she asked impatiently as he stood there, trying hard to think of anything.

"It just came out, love, I'm so sorry, I was just sure you would get, um, bored of me SOMETIME!" he said taking her hands. His slight excuse was enough to satisfy her.

"Darren, that's not true! I would never be such as bored with you! You are always too alive and fun to be around! And handsome too!" she said with a giggle, because, in fact, he truly was.

They entered the dining room and sat to eat dinner and converse.

As Kat and Conter chatted lively about their day, Mr. Aurbury and Mr. Drake spoke in the manly tone they each possessed.

"Mr. Drake! My daughter is a fine catch, well breed indeed, and a lovely creature," said Mr. Aurbury.

"Indeed sir! I am extremely lucky," he said looking over to his beloved.

She sat, talking to her brother, when suddenly she was surprised at her brother's loud voice.

"Let us leave, sis, and dance a bit! I need some exercise!" he jumped up and grabbed her hand, leading her to the piano room.

"Shall we get Mrs. Foye to play for us?"

"Indeed," she said running to get her maid.

"Of course I'll play for you children!" Mrs. Foye said, sitting softly at the piano and began to play a lively tune, which Conter and Katherine immediately danced to.

"Conter, would you mind if I danced a bit with Darren?" she asked when the first song was done.

"Not at all," Conter said kissing his sister on the forehead.

"Oh, no, I don't like to dance," Mr. Drake said, backing away from Katherine as she came forward to dance with him.

"What? Did I hear you correctly?" she said almost stunned.

"Yes, I hate dancing, never did like it!" he said.

She couldn't believe it. The one she loved, not like dancing? She lived to dance! It was surely the most wonderful thing she did, besides reading.

"Well, I.." she was stopped by her brother who again grabbed her hand and said, "More time for us, Kat!" he laughed and danced but she was in thought about Darren. She thought of her perfect fantasy, which she never stopped thinking of. It was of her and her husband, dancing, in a garden, to a fiddle. She thought it sounded way to un-realistic, until she met Darren, and fell in love with him. But if he hated dancing, her fantasy would never come true.


Chapter 2

The night stopped, or at leased the gayety of it, and Mr. Drake went home, with a kiss from his fiancée, a good bye from his soon to be brother in law, and hearty hand shake from his soon to be father in law.

After father had left, Conter and Katherine left and went to sit in Kats room and talk. Katherine started the conversation, on a rather sour note.

"I don't' know, Con, he doesn't dance, how can he not dance?" she was almost appalled.

"You really think it is that big of a deal, sis? I mean, would you give up on him because he doesn't dance?"

"Give up on him? Never! Are you crazy? I love him! Who said anything about giving up on him?"

"Well, I just thought..."

"No, I love him," she assured herself.

"Katie, can we begin on another subject? Have you read any great books yet? I have yet to find a great one, or at leased, I haven't found one since a few months ago," he said. Katherine and Conter were great brother and sister because they both had a lot in common. For instance, they were both heavily into books.

"I have started this one book, um, I think it is called, oh, once moment, Con," she left the room and retreated with the book in hand.

"How Long Shall I Wait," she read of the cover.

"And? How is it?" he asked looking at the blank cover.

"I haven't read much yet, but from what I have read, it is wonderful! All I know is that it is about a girl who falls in love with a sir, but must wait for him, because he gone off to join the regiment, or something of that nature,"

"Great, would you mind if I borrow it when you are done?"

"Not at all," she smiled. Her brother had once almost been disgusted at the thought of reading a love story, but now he was growing more mature, and he rather enjoyed love stories, especially because he was now courting a young girl, whom he was much in love with, yet they were now not yet married, nor engaged. He was shy to ask, of what she would say, yet Kat encouraged him every step of the way.

"I'm afraid I must leave, Katie," he said rising to leave. Katie was his pet name for his sister, and only he called her Katie.

"Oh, I suppose. I must sleep anyways, I'm going to visit our aunt and uncle in Hartsfortshire. I'm not exactly looking forward to seeing one particular cousin," she frowned. They both know of whom she was talking to be their mischievous, tedious, arrogant cousin, Nigel.

"Well, at leased you will get to see Chris and Maria, I still cant believe Maria is actually related by blood to Nigel! They are so, so opposite!" Conter said laughing.

"Good night dear brother, sweetest dreams to you," she smiled as he kissed her on the fore head and left. She was left with a night of dreams, and nightmares, of leaving dear Darren.

"Oh dear! I'm late father! I over slept! I goodness me!" Kat held her green bonnet on as she raced down the stairs to her carriage awaiting.

"Good bye Katherine! Remember to tell my dear brother hello for me, and, don't forget to tell him best wishes!" Mr. Aurbury kissed his daughter.

"G' Luck sis, have a grand time!" Con said, while he kissed his sister, and helped her into the carriage.

"Good bye father! Good bye Conter!" she waved as the carriage pulled out and began its trip to Hartsfortshire.

While she was sitting peacefully, except for the bumping sounds of the wheels hitting the road, Kat thought of her betrothed.

‘Why was he not here?' she thought.

‘Did he FORGET I was leaving?!' she thought in a sudden rush of anger.

"Did he NOT REALIZE that I WILL miss him, and I DO love him?!" she said out loud.

"YOU SAY SOMETHING MISS?" the driver yelled to her.

"Oh, nothing sir," she said, quieting herself.

She sat starring at the green hills and the soft houses she passed slowly. The time passed as she wondered about what was going to happen at her trip to Hartsfortshire.

"KATHERINE!" Aunt Linda called as she rushed to embrace her niece.

"Cousin Katherine!" Maria said following Aunt Linda. They too embraced, and Christopher said nothing, just hugged the girl.

"Smitty! Take this poor girl's bags, would you?" Aunt Linda asked the butler.

"Yes ma'am," Smitty went together bags, but a young girl rushed out behind him, calling at the top of her lungs,

"Cousin Kat! Cousin Kat!"

It was the five-year-old girl, Grace, calling for her cousin.

Grace ran to Katherine, and Kat swung her around and hugged her.

"Oh Gracie, you look beautiful!" Kat said admiring her little cousin's pink dress with flowers the color purple and green, and her soft, dark brown hair was tied back in curls with a ribbon. Her cousin had freckles all over her face, and the most beautiful green eyes anyone had ever seen.

After setting the excited child down, Kat looked around for her obnoxious cousin, Nigel.

"Where is Nigel?" Kat said at last.

"Oh, he is around here somewhere, probably with that new girl he met the other day. They have really hit it off!" Aunt Linda.

"That is just like him," Katherine said under her breath.

"No matter! Come with me Katherine, I'll show you to your room,"

"Yes Auntie," Smitty and all the rest followed Aunt Linda into the house, and everyone went their separate ways, except for Smitty, Kat, and Aunt Linda.

"You'll stay her, if it is alright, are you tired? A rest here perhaps?" Aunt Linda said opening the curtains.

"Actually, I am a little tired, and I would like to rest, for a short while," Katherine said smiling.

"Alright, well, when you are done with your nap, come down for dinner, which should be in about 45 minutes, and after dinner, I think you're uncle wants to talk to you in his office,"

Kat nodded and closed the door to rest.

When she woke up, she realized she did not look her best. She changed quickly, fixed her hair, and turned to leave the room. But suddenly she caught her reflection in the mirror. She never really looked at herself into the mirror since she started courting Darren. She thought she looked much better. She had her red dress on now. It was scarlet red, with a little shimmer to it. She went down around her shoulders, and had a white lace trim around the collar and around the bottom of the dress. Her hair was light brown, and she was thin. She had hardly any freckles at all, but she did have beautiful, brown eyes, that were dark with a hint of green. She wore her hair high in curls, so they bounced when she moved, and she had her ring on, her betrothed ring. Suddenly she realized her family hadn't mentioned her being engaged to Mr. Darren Drake. She thought in not of high importance, for perhaps they had forgotten or something silly like that. She retreated down stairs to the dinning room, and they all ate, everyone talking basically at the same time. Maria and Chris talked about their daughter, Grace, and her uncle and aunt talked about the things they wanted to, never staying on one particular topic. That left Kat to converse with Nigel. He didn't talk much, so she just sat and thought of all the bad things he had done to her, including always teasing her about being so thin, taking her dolls from her, embarrassing her with his smart remarks, and everything else. This was of course, in their childhood days. She turned to him.

"Please excuse me Nigel, I fear my Uncle requests my leave,"

"Not like I need your company," he said." go on."

Kat looked back with a scowl on her face, but proceeded to follow her uncle into his office.

"Katherine, there is some good news, and some bad news," Uncle Donald said looking solemnly at her.

"Well, what is the bad news, Uncle?"

"It seems a man named Harold Guiser, who claims to be in acquaintance with you, had died," her uncle said.

"Harold Guiser? I don't recollect," Katherine said thinking.

"Well, there is a letter here for you from him, that was written along with this will,"

"Dear Katherine Aurbury,

I know you don't know me, but I know you. I once was an extremely good friend with your father, Christopher "Trip" Aurbury. I have no family I know well, and the only person, besides my mother, that was ever true to me, was Trip. I am quite sick, and fear death soon, and the only person I can think of, to will my house to, is you. Trip always talked about how he always wanted a daughter( when he told me all this, he wasn't married or had any children) so he could spoil her, and how he wanted her to get married and live in a cozy cottage. Well, I have a cozy cottage, and I want you to have it. I never lived in it, but bought in a while ago, and let it sit there empty. Treat it well. Say hello to Trip for me.

Harold "Topper"Guiser etc."

"Sounds like you have a cottage in Devonshire," Uncle said when Katherine was done reading.

"I guess I do," she said smiling.

The next morning, Kat woke up rather late. It seemed to her Uncle and Aunt had put off talking about Darren Drake for some time, so she decided to bring it up at breakfast. When she was finished dressing and such, she walked slowly and gracefully downstairs. Why she presented herself this way, she did not know.

"Christopher," she said curtsying to her cousin in the hallway.

"Kat," he said bowing. It seemed they had both awaken late, so Christopher offered his arm to his fair cousin, and they entered the dining room. Everyone was there, except Grace.

"Good morning everyone," Katherine said as she took her seat between Chris and her Uncle.

Everyone said good morning to the two, but that was basically all the conversation started, until Maria spoke up.

"Cousin Katherine, would you mind taking a stroll around the lake with me after breakfast?" she asked sweetly.

"But of course, dear Maria, I would indeed love to," Kat replied.

That got the whole table going, for as soon as they said those words, everyone began making plans for the rest of the day.

"I'll be over at Mrs. Prune's house for tea," Aunt Linda said.

"And I think I shall like to spend the rest of the morning, and perhaps some of the afternoon, in my study," Uncle Donald said. Everyone smiled, for that was the sort of thing he did every Saturday.

"Well, dear Maria, I suppose if you are going to be engaged in something else, I will be off for the day with Grace, for I have promised her I would take her to get perhaps a new doll, and maybe see the ponies," Christopher said.

Kat smiled at her cousin, and marveled at his good father ness.

Would Darren make a good father? She chose to not answer the question, but for a short time, she thought to her self. The answer would be no. Not that he was mean or anything, but she feared h hadn't grown up enough. He would probably neglect the dear thing. But no worries, for they were JUST getting married, children would come much later.

"Well I guess I'll just do something boring as always, or maybe I'll go call on Su," Nigel stopped. He quickly excused himself. He was very shy when it came to talking about the woman he liked.

"What was that son?" Aunt Linda asked, searching for more information on this girl.

"nothing mother," he replied.

"What was her name Nigel? Speak up son!" boomed Uncle Donald.

"Suzette," Nigel said, and hurried out of the room before any more inquiring could take place.

After everyone was finished, each set off to their own plans for the day.

"You know Maria, I have never really looked around at my uncle and aunts garden before. It is quite beautiful,"

"I must ask you a few questions, if you permit me, dear cousin," Maria said in a solemn tone.

"What is it?" Kat asked sensing Maria's hostility.

"Is it true you are going to marry Darren Drake?"

"Well, yes, I suppose, why?"

"Oh Kat, its true then! Haven't you heard of his past history? I have know people to say that he,"

Maria was cut of by Kat's interrupting nature.

"People say! People say a lot, Maria! That is his past anyways! He is not like that! I know!"

"Please listen to me, Katherine!" Maria sank down on a stone bench. By then, they were both rather frazzled, and had stopped walking, and had defiantly stopped admiring the scenery.

"I am listening Maria, I know he had a girlfriend, and yes, he, well, he wasn't true to her, but, Maria, if only you knew him, you could see!" Kat grabbed Maria's hands and squeezed them gently.

"Well, I guess I trust you Kat, you know what you are doing, I shall say no more, and please forgive me," Maria asked.

"Don't worry love, its alright," Kat said hugging her cousin.

"So that's why no one has talked to me of Darren," Kat said.

"I suppose," Maria answered.

"Well, tell them no worries, I am o.k.,"

"Of course,"

"And you will come to my wedding?"

"Of course,"

"And Grace, and Christopher?"

"Yes, yes!"


"Come Katherine, let us finish our walk, I am getting quite tired, and I think I should like a nice, long, nap!" Maria giggled.

"Indeed so, I feel the same way! I suppose its this sun, spring may be cold, but its still sunny!"

"So true!"

The two walked and conversed another twenty minutes or so, and then they both walked to the room, for a nice, long nap!

When she woke, she realized she had slept a long time, and it had been past dinner all ready. She had slept almost seven hours already. She was disgusted at most with herself.

"Why did no one wake me?" she asked out loud.

"Kat? Katherine? Are you awake?"

"Yes Christopher, come in," she said rubbing her eyes.

"I brought you your food," he said bringing in a tray.

"Thank you very much Chris," she said.

"Do you mind if I stay up here awhile? I'm afraid to go back downstairs," he said.

"Why is that?" she asked, looking at his handsome eyes.

"Well, it seems Nigel has done something..... again,"

"Indeed?" Kat asked, intrigued by her cousin's misfortunes.

"Yes, Kat, I guess he talked back to mother or something, anyways, its none of my business, and I probably shouldn't be telling you any of this either," he said.

"Of course," she said.

"And I may stay?" he asked.

"If you wish. Where is my dear cousin Maria, may I ask?"

"I believe she is with Grace in the nursery,"

"So, um, tell me something interesting, Cousin," she said, taking a small bite of food.

"Indeed? Something interesting? I suppose I'm not the best person to ask on this subject, Kathrine, as you well know," he said.

"Come now, you must know something!" she said, smiling.

"Well, I believe my favorite cousin is engaged, is she not?"

"Oh, Chris, please! Must we talk of that now? I nearly had a spat with your wife over that topic, I truly do NOT want that to happen again!"

"You worry to much, Kat, but if you really don't, than I guess your out of luck on a subject that is interesting," Chris said, laughing.

"We could always talking of my Uncles wonderful collection of porcelains ducks!" Kat said. Now each of them laughed together.

"DADDDDDY!" a voice called from another room.

"YES LOVE?" Christopher called back.

"COME PLAY WITH ME AND MOOMMMY!" Grace called again.

"Well, my daughter needs me, Katherine. I will be moving along now," he said, and kissed her on the forehead.

"Good night Christopher," Katherine said.

"Good night, Cousin," Christopher said, leaving to join his wife and daughter.

The day had gone by quickly, and Kat had then found herself sleeping another twelve hours. The next morning she woke up early, and the sun had not even risen. She was so awake, she crept out of bed, and with her robe on, she shifted herself downstairs. Where she was going she wasn't sure, she just wanted to move.

Suddenly Kat heard a voice in the other room.

It cursed. Then she heard the sound of feet shifting across the floor.

"Who's there?" she asked, candle in hand.

"What are you doing up, Katherine?" Nigel asked, coming into the candlelight.

"I should ask you the same thing," she replied, "and without a candle."

"Look, I just, I couldn't sleep, o.k.?" he said.

"Well, same with me," she said. She didn't feel like talking to him any longer, so she moved around him.

Suddenly, she felt the urge to ask him a question.

"Nigel, why can't you sleep?"

"None of your business!" he said.

"Fine," she just turned around and headed up the stairs.

"Because I can't stop thinking about her," Nigel said under his breath.

"What was that?" Katherine asked, suddenly intrigued.

"What? Huh? Oh nothing! Go back to bed!" he said turning from her.


"Look Kat, just because I am in love with some one who REFUSES to love me back, doesn't mean that you can butt into my personal life!" he said.

Katherine walked back down stairs and walked over to Nigel an put her arm around him.

"Common Nigel, you gotta tell SOMEONE, lets go get hot coco, and we'll talk," she said leading him into the kitchen.

She was surprised to find that he nodded his head and let her lead him.

"Ok, Ok, Kat, basically, I love Suzette, more than anyone, or anything! But she says she loves me too, but she won't accept my proposal! She says, well, I'm just too mean! I don't get it though. I am never, ever mean to her! I just want to accept me! I want her to be my wife!" by then he was sobbing. Katherine had never seen this side of him. She knew he would never have shown it to her, had it not been for his disastrous predicament,

"Nigel, listen to me, Maria is a friend of Suzette, which you would have know, had to talked to Maria more often. A good friend, indeed. Maria has told me that Suzette has heard rumors, which are in fact true, of your abominable, disagreeable, horrible personality. She, as Maria has told me, is a kind-hearted person. She cannot stand to ruin her reputation as being married to a cold hearted person,"

Nigel was then stunned, and he just couldn't look Katherine directly in the face.

"Get some sleep Nigel, at leased rest. Tomorrow, you can work on your attitude. I know, as being a fellow woman, that if she really loves you, the first sign of niceness towards others with make her heart swell with pride,"

Nigel hugged his cousin, which he most never does, and he left to lay down awhile.

After trying to help her cousin, she had been tired a bit, and decided the best thing to do was to also lay down. Though she didn't get much sleep, she did manage to thin about her fiancée for another hour or so.

When everyone else was up, ever one gathered for breakfast. Everyone was quite surprised to see Nigel in an exceptionally good mood.

"What has happened to the old, disgraceful Nigel?" Aunt Linda asked.

"Mother, please, must we talk of my past? Dear brother, please pass the salt, thank you," Nigel said. That doesn't say that he wasn't a bit mean at times, but he certainly tried harder not to be. Anyways, about two more days went by, and finally, the visit was to be ended, and Katherine could go back to her dear Darren Drake.

"We're gonna miss you Kat," Christopher said hugging his cousin.

"Come back soon," Uncle Donald said merrily.

"Don't forget to write, Katherine!" Maria said squeezing her hand.

"Yes, and say hello to your dear mother for me please!" Aunt Linda said.

"DOOONT LEAVVE!" Grace said, somewhat crying as she ran to hug her "Cousin Kat".

"Gracie Gracie! Don't you dare worry, you hear? Be a good little girl, and I will come again soon!"

"Okay Cousin Kat," Gracie said hugging her favorite cousin.

"Nigel," she said curtsying.

"Kat," he hugged her.

"Good luck!" she whispered, and she was off.


Chapter 3

When she reached back home, the only ones there to greet her was her father and brother.

"Where is Darren?" she cried.

"Don't cry Katie, he should be here any moment," Conter said reassuring his sister.

"Don't cry? Don't cry?" she asked over and over.

"Of course I shall cry. He was the one who said he couldn't stand the thought of me leaving! How it would rip him apart! And he isn't even here to hug and kiss me the day I come back to him!" Kat ran up to her room. Hours came and went, and no one could comfort her. He didn't come. Finally she cried herself to sleep. He hadn't even come.

The next morning she awoke late, but didn't bother to get out of bed until 11:30 AM. She was too sad to eat breakfast. Conter told her he hadn't come yet. It wasn't that far from his house to hers. He couldn't have gotten lost. What was the matter with him?!

She finally told her self that she would get over it, and go look for him. She found him, leaning on a tree, by their favorite place to talk.

"Katherine," he said, not moving an inch.

"Where in heavens name were you?!" she cried, and she flung her arms around him.

"Come now, what do you mean?" he asked.

"I arrived YESTERDAY!" she screamed at him.

"Well, I must have forgotten," he said.

"For...For-got, you, must have forgotten? Ohhhhhhhh, Darren Drake, I could just!" she wanted to kiss him, she wanted to slap him but she couldn't decide.

"You, you who were MADLY in love with me, couldn't STAND to be away from me! YOU! You forgot????" she was indeed displeased at him.

"Well, I'm here, right under OUR tree. Lets just forget the past, shall we?" he took her hand and lightly kissed her. All her madness melted away. They began talking and making plans of future marriage.

"I must go now, I think Conter and father are indeed worried sick. I have been insane all day and last night, Good-bye!" she waved him off and quickly ran off to find her father and brother, who were playing pool.

"All is resolved! I and Darren are o.k. now!" she announced.

"Good thing, dear," her father said lining his pool stick with the ball.

The ball went in.

"Wonderful, Katie," Conter said.

She frowned but left the room to find Darren again. By now she began to think.

"Everyone has surely been acting strange scene I have been back," she said out loud.

Since when doesn't anyone care of my feelings?

Finally she found Darren.

They began talking again of their future.

"What shall we name our child if we have a girl?" Kat asked her fiancée.

"Oh, we wont have a girl, Kat, we shall have boys. All boys. Girls are too, girlie!"  He said laughing. She wasn't amused.

"What do you mean? Are you God? Do you KNOW what it will be, I mean, when we are pregnant, I mean, when I'm pregnant?" she was extremely mad now.

"Katherine, I don't really care right now, I don't WANT a girl. If we have a large chance of getting one, maybe we just wont have kids, okay?"

She was now so mad she wanted to call off the engagement.

"What if I DO WANT a girl? HMMMM?" she asked.

"Who cares," he smirked.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" she asked.

"Maybe, Katherine, we aren't meant to be together. MAYBE I don't NEED you anymore," he said. The words stung. What was going on? What was happening to her perfect little world. Why was he being so moody. Why was he acting like this. She couldn't take it. She began to cry, and turned to run to her father.

"Fine, run, run!" he called.

"Its off, Darren Drake!" she called back.

He didn't know she was this mad.

"DADDY! CONTER!" she cried running into the room full of tears.

"What now Katie? Can't you see we are playing a game?"


"Katie, what's wrong?" Conter said. She was relieved that some one wanted to hear her problems.

"I- I-called- off-the-wed-ding," she managed to spit out.

"YOU WHAT?!" Conter cried.

"What, what were you thinking?"

"I, I'm sorry Conter, I really am, I just, I couldn't..."

"Forget it Katherine, just, just go to your room," Conter said .

"We needed his money!" he again said under his breath.

She ran up to her room and packed her bags. She couldn't do this any longer. She need to escape. After only one day of being back, she needed to leave again. Off to Devonshire she would go. She couldn't stay. Everyone was viciously attacking her. The cottage in Devon shire was the best place to retreat to. She ran downstairs and went out the back way. She had her horse readied. She had to escape.

"Ohhhhhh," Katherine moaned as she sat up. Her back ached from the riding. She remembered it all. She ran out of the house, and mounted her horse, with only a small suitcase filled with her lightest clothes. She had ridden a day straight, with only small stops for water. When she finally made it to her cottage in Devonshire, she was extremely tired, and only wanted to sleep. So she did. Now it was ten in the morning.

"Oh, good day darling!" called a voice. She looked out her window to see a plump little old woman, who appeared to be baking something.

"Yes," she said sitting up, "indeed."

"You're new here, aren't ya?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am, I intend to stay here a little while," Kat said, walking to her window. The houses were so close together, she could reach out and touch the woman's hand is she like.

"Mrs. Fawnie May Morgandoft," the woman said, curtsying.

"Good day, Mrs. Morgandoft. My name is Katherine Aurbury, I am here from London," Kat said.

"Traveling alone are ya? That isn't very safe, lassie," she said.

"True, but, well, I just kinda, um, I kinda left in a hurry,"

"Well, perhaps you could find yourself a roomie, someone to stay with ya, I heard a little gal, um Greenstone I believe, she is looking for someone to live with. She isn't the richest little gal," Mrs. Morgandoft said, shaking her head.

"Oh, perhaps," Kat said, thinking the idea over.

Suddenly, a knock came from the door.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Morgandoft," Kat said, looking out her window, and around, to see a sweet girl, and a fine gentleman, awaiting at the door.

"Can I help you?" Katherine asked, as she ushered the couple in.

"Yes, this is Miss Jane Greenstone," the gentleman said, "and I am Willingham Borgan."

"Nice to meet you both, I am Katherine Aurbury," Kat said smiling. The man was extremely handsome. He was tall, and had beautiful brown eyes, and dark brown hair. He was well built, and was extremely gentle like.

"Good morning," they both replied.

"We just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. You see, Boston saw a young lady come in this house last night, and ever since, everyone has talked about it," Miss Greenstone said.

"Word does spread quickly in this town, no doubt," Kat said.

"Indeed it does. I would most love to spend time with you, if that was all right, some time soon, I hope," Miss Greenstone said.

"Of course!" Kat replied. It hadn't occurred to Kat that the reason she was there was because of her miserable life back home. Yet, looking at Mr. Borgan, she completely forgot a certain someone, who she was engaged to, or, not engaged to.

"Oh, um, Mr. Borgan, are you in any relating to Miss Greenstone?" she asked, hoping they were not together.

"I am," he replied.

"Oh? And of what relations?"

"She is my cousin, my beautiful cousin," he smiled at her.

"Miss Greenstone, I would love to talk and have tea with you, perhaps today, if you would like," Kat said smiling. She truly wanted to know if he

"YES! I mean, uh, yes, of course, perhaps now?" Miss Greenstone said, sounding as eager as Kat felt to find information on Willingham.

"Oh, Mr. Borgan," Kat said, looking at him, signaling that they couldn't possibly leave him.

"Oh, no no girls, you go walk, I have some business anyway. Welcome to the neighborhood, Miss Katherine, enjoy your stay," he said warmly. She was beaming with delight.

"Mr. Borgan, he is extremely, nice," Kat said, as the two sat and tipped tea.

"Oh yes! My cousin is extremely dashing! He is handsome too!" Miss Greenstone said smiling.

"Are you both, ...together?" Kat asked impatiently.

"Oh, no, I love another," she said happily.

"Truly?" Kat said, in extremely high spirits.

"Yes. But I'm afraid I haven't seen him in very long time. He has gone off to find better fortune, I'm afraid. But I have plenty enough company here," Jane said.

"Miss Greenstone," Kat began.

"Oh no, call me Jane, or Janie, whichever you like best," Jane smiled.

"Alright, uh, Jane, where are you staying?" Kat asked.

"I am staying in the Gavin Inn right now, although I cant stay much longer. I fear I will have to move back with my mother and father soon, for I have no where to stay," she said sadly, "and it is too expensive to stay so long in an Inn."

"Well, don't you have any friends to stay with?" Kat asked.

Jane tried desperately to avoid the subject. Katherine could tell that Jane didn't want sound so poor.

"Um, well, the ladies in this neighbor hood are nice, but I prefer to spend my time reading, rather that talking to them in the regiment," she said sheepishly.

"You like to read? I LOVE to read!" Kat said, scrabbling around for her book in her suitcase.

"You have beautiful furniture, Miss Aurbury," Jane said admiring the room.

"Oh, thank you, but I'm afraid I didn't design this house, the person, uh, before me, had it furnished," Kat said.

"So then, are you going to sell the furniture, and buy the kinds YOU like?" Jane asked, sounding interested.

"I will most likely do that, ah ha! Here it is! This is the most wonderful book! I am half way through it!" Kat said, handing Jane the book.

"I think I have read this. It is my second favorite book ever," Jane said.

"And your first?" Kat asked.

"Living in Love," Jane replied.

"What is it about?"

"Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in it. Its just about this guy and girl. They are helplessly in love, and they can't wed because he keeps having to leave, and it's really sad,"

"Maybe you would like to borrow my, book, and I could borrow yours,"

"Sure, I would love too. So, why are you here in Devonshire anyways?"

"Are you sure you want to hear?"

"Of course! I'm sure you would have a very interesting life,"

Right then Katherine realized she had a lot in common with Jane.

"Thank you, but you are for sure mistaken. Anyways, well, the reason I came here is my fiancée, err, ex-fiancée was acting a complete jerk to me. I came back from a stay with my family, and he ignored me, and then he said he DIDN'T WANT CHILDREN! If that isn't the biggest disgrace! I stormed off while calling to him that our engagement was off. Then I told my brother, and he blew up at me, and my father was upset. I guess I just couldn't handle it. My father and brother were mad because my ex-fiancée had much money, and we are a little, err, poorer, than most family's."

"Well, not any poorer than I! I don't even have a place to live!" Jane laughed, and Kat joined her. They both grinned at their miserable lives.

"Don't worry Janie, God will take care of us!" Kat smiled at the thought of her Heavenly father, hugging her softly, and saying,

"All will be well, my child."

"I suppose I shall be leaving now, Katherine, thank you for being such a wonderful host!"

"And I thank you, for being a wonderful guest!"

" Shall I ask Mr. Borgan to drop by? I see that you fancy him a bit, dare I say it?"

"Oh, don't be silly, Janie!"

"Me? Never! Anyways, I believe that Mrs. Morgandoft's sister, Carol Barry, is having a ball. I have no doubt that you will be invited," Jane curtsied and left.

"My my, I believe I have made a good friend!" Kat said out loud.

Katherine sat down at her writing station, and took up a pen and paper.

"What shall I write? I never thought living alone could be so... boring! Perhaps I'll send a letter to my dear dear lover, Darren!" she said through clenched teeth.

"Oh, forget this! I don't want to write! I am too tired to write! I shall take a nap, for there is NOTHING better to do!" she exclaimed, and made her way up the small stairs to her cozy bedroom.

When she awoke, she found that the mail had come.

"Ahh, one letter!" she said.

"Dear Katherine Aurbury,

You are cordially invited to the Sanchesters ball at Barry Park.

We will look forward to seeing you there.

Yours truly,

Carol Barry etc.

"Wonderful, a ball! Perhaps I may be able to meet some more people here!"

Suddenly Katherine heard a knock on the door.

"Yes? Mrs. Morgandoft! How good it is to see you!"

"Oh thank you dear! You also! I came to ask, would you like to have dinner with us? Mr. Borgan and his fair cousin, miss Greenstone, will also be attending. I believe Mr. Camerson will be here also. He is extremely charming," she said.

"I would be delighted!"

She thanked Mrs. Morgandoft, and ran up stairs to change. She realized she had barely and good clothes to wear. She wasn't extremely poor, yet she forgot to bring good clothes.

"What can I do?" she thought, "I guess I'll wear my blue dress," she sighed and changed.

Despite her clothing, and her hair being done by herself, she looked radiant.

When she got to Mrs. Morgandoft's doorstep, she was greeted by happy people, and many laughs.

"Oh, Katherine, Dear Miss Katherine! Come Come!" Mrs. Morgandoft said happily.

"I believe you were introduced here to Mr. Borgan and Miss Greenstone, yet you haven't met this fine gentle man," she smiled at him, and he stepped over to greet her.

"Katherine, this is Mr. Garret Camerson,"

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Camerson," Kat said smiling.

"And Mr. Camerson, this Katherine Aurbury,"

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," he said, bowing.

"Now that we are all here, I believe it is time for dinner!" Mrs. Morgandoft said, ushering everyone into the kitchen.

As everyone walked to the dinning room, they found that they were each placed in particular spots. Katherine was placed between Mr. Camerson and Miss Greenstone. Across from her was Mr. Borgan, Mrs. Morgandoft, and her husband, Mr. Morgandoft.

"Mr. Borgan, I believe we talked very little the last I saw you, and I do want to talk more," Kat said in a charming voice.

"Truly? Well, what do you suppose we shall talk of?" he replied, rather engaged at her beautiful looks.

"Hm, do you read sir?" she inquired.

"Oh, very very little indeed! I never find the right story I suppose," he said.

Miss Greenstone frowned, for she had tried to get her cousin to read many times, and never had it worked, ever.

Mr. Camerson said quietly, eating his food, not wanting to interrupt anyone.

"Oh, Janie, I believe you read also. Jane is a great companion, I dare say! We are so much alike!" Kat said.

"Oh Katherine, you flatter me much! But I do believe every one is talking except for dear Mr. Camerson, Mr. Camerson, do you have anything to add? Perhaps you read more than my idle cousin?" Miss Greenstone said laughing.

"I suppose I do," he replied, "I read quite often. My mother told me I would never get anywhere, because of my insistent reading. I believe she is wrong, do you agree, Miss Aurbury?"

"Quite so, sir," Kat said smiling. She at once noticed the gentleman. Ever since arriving, her only wish as to find out more of Mr. Borgan, but now, she finally gave some attention to this man, Mr. Camerson.

He smiled back at her. She saw that he was also tall, like Mr. Borgan, and he had brown hair, like M. Borgan, only Mr. Camerson's hair was much lighter. He had green eyes, and a bright smile, at that.

"Do you read, Miss Aurbury?" Mr. Camerson asked.

"I do, I read much, as you have told us you do also. What is your favorite books?" Kat asked.

"My favorite? I suppose I like Shakespeare the best. He brings out a sense of emotion and depth in me," Mr. Camerson said. Everyone laughed at the comment.

"Come now everyone, let us get off the subject of books, and find a more livelier subject. In fact, almost everyone is done, I suppose it would be wonderful if we danced a bit. What do you say, friends?" Mr. Borgan said.

" I agree, I love to dance!" Miss Greenstone said.

"I also love to dance, it is wonderful exercise!" Kat said.

"And you, Mr. Camerson?" Mr. Borgan asked.

"Well, I enjoy it a little, but I'm afraid I am extremely horrible at it," he replied.

"Oh, no matter, it shall be fun! Would you like to dance with me, Miss Katherine?" Mr. Borgan asked.

"Oh, me? I would LOVE too," she said, exiting her chair. They all made their way to the living room, the place that had the most room. The cottages in Devonshire weren't very large at all. They had a living room, a dining room/kitchen, and featured one or two bedrooms, and a bathroom, upstairs.

"I guess that leaves us to dance, Mr. Camerson," Jane said, holding his arm.

The two couples danced while Mrs. Morgandoft played the pianoforte.

"Miss Greenstone and Mr. Camerson make a cute couple, do they not?" Katherine asked Mr. Borgan.

"I think they do indeed!" she said, admiring the two prancing around the room.

Mr. Camerson and Jane left the room smiling after everyone danced. So did Mr. Borgan and Katherine.

"My first day here, and already I feel like I'm home," Katherine said, walking along side Mr. Borgan, arm in arm.

"I'm glad, I had hoped a young woman would come into town. All the girls here, well, they are too silly, except for my cousin, that is," Mr. Borgan said.

"I have had a wonderful day, and I'm so glad I decided to come here, but I suppose I should go back to my cottage, it is getting late," Kat said, sadly.

"Well, I suppose if you must, shall I call on you tomorrow then?"

"Please do," she said. Then she turned to him, and held his hands in hers, and squeezed them gently, and went back inside.

He stood there, watching her leave, and he thought of how beautiful she looked.

The morning came quickly, and as Katherine woke, she realized that Mr. Borgan would call on her at any moment. She quickly dressed, and readied herself. She did hear a knock on the door, and she rushed down the stairs, and swung open the door.

"Mr. Camerson!" she said, expecting someone else.

"Miss Aurbury," he said, bowing.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Well, I don't know, I just wanted to come by and say hello. I had a lot of fun last night, and I believe you are someone worth getting to know," he smiled.

"Thank you very much sir, you flatter me, come in," she smiled, and let the man pass her. He took off his hat and cape and walked into the house.

"Tea?" she asked.

"Please," he sat down on the couch and she sat across from him.

"So now, where are your backgrounds? Where do you live?" Katherine asked.

"My father and mother were respected people of Derbyshire, until my mother died, a few years ago, and my father hasn't been the same since. He owns a grand house there, the Camerson Estate, but he says he would give it all up just to have my mother back," he stopped.

"Oh, Miss Aurbury, am I boring you? Have I talked too much? I mean we hardly know each other and,"

" Mr. Camerson, don't be ridiculous, Maybe we hardly know each other, but I'm sure we will grow to be great friends," Katherine said smiling.

"Thank you, I believe we will be also. Anyways, so as I was saying, my father lives in Camerson Estate, Derbyshire, and I live here in Devonshire. I have a little house here, a little bigger than these cottages, but its quite nice. Sometimes I think I should sell it and buy a nice little cottage like yours. It does get awfully lonely by ones self," he said.

"I agree completely! It is lonely here, but I believe that all my friends are making it worth while," Kat said.

"Do you ride, Miss Aurbury?" Mr. Camerson asked.

"A little bit," she said.

"Would you enjoy going for a ride some time? I could show you around," he said thoughtfully.

"I would like that very much," she smiled.

A knock was then heard.

"That must be Mr. Borgan," Kat said, opening the door.

"Miss Katherine," he bowed.

"Come in, Mr. Borgan,"

"Mr. Camerson,"

"Mr. Borgan,"

They both exchanged bows.

"I must be on my way, you both have a good time," Mr. Camerson said.

"Good bye, Mr. Camerson, thanks for stopping by,"

"Good bye Mr. Borgan, good bye, Miss Aurbury," and he left.

"Mr. Borgan, what do you intend to do today?" Katherine asked, intrigued.

"I haven't a clue," he smiled.

"Perhaps we could go into town, I need to pick up a dress for the ball anyways," Katherine said.

"Of course, and I shall pick up a new pair of shoes," the two left out the door into Mr. Borgan's awaiting carriage.

When they arrived in town, they each went their separate ways.

"Meet me back here in one half of an hour, and we can go do something, by then I think I shall have thought of something to do," Mr. Borgan said.

Katherine left her new friend, and began wandering through the restless crowd, looking for the dress shop.

"Here it is," she whispered to herself.

When she entered the shop, she was immediately shown many dresses by the dressmaker's wife.

"Oh, you must be new in town, I'm Mrs. Field, come see our selection, oh, your figure is PERFECT! Oh dear oh dear, what color do you want?"

"Oh, I don't know, perhaps you could tell me which color looks the best on me?"

"Oh oh, I like you already dearie! Come with me, I'll get you all ready! Do you have any idea what you're looking for?"

"I suppose I would like something not TOO expensive, since its almost spring, how about something with a lot of bright color, oh, I don't know, what do you think?"

"I think we have some wonderful dresses for you! How about this one?"

She pointed to a bright pink one.

Before Katherine could answer, Mrs. Field busted,

"Oh no no no! That color wont do! Your hair is lighter, so I think that, ohhh, what to do, what to do? Ahh! I have the most PERFECT one! My husband JUST made it! It would look PERFECT on you! Come, dearie, and sit down, I'll bring it out, I believe it's in the back,. You just wait here, oh, it's so grand! You will just LOVE it!"

A few moments past before Mrs. Fields busted out of the back with a dress in her hand.

She had a dark blue dress, not navy blue, just a raindrop blue. It was long, and had lace on the bottom. It was cut with a low neck, and the neck had lace on it also. It had no sleeves, but Mrs. Fields pointed out that short gloves would match immensely.

"I think it's beautiful!" Katherine said, admiring the dress.

"Oh I knew you would LOVE it!" Mrs. Fields said, proud of her husbands work.

"I'll take it!" she had the dress boxed and she asked if there were any shoe shops around, or any inexpensive jewelry shops.

"Oh yes, they are right next to each other in fact, take a left at Mayberry, and a right on Horsefair," Mrs. Field said, while Katherine thanked her again.

Kat stepped out of the door, and took Mrs. Field directions to shoes and jewelry shops.

She first decided she would buy some shoes, so into the shoe shop she went, to be surround by hundreds of shoes. She thought it rather rude that no one tried to help her, but she didn't worry long, because she found the perfect pair of shoes to match her blue gown. They were pearl white shoes. After purchasing the shoes, she walked to the jewelry store, only to find the prices extremely high.

"Oh well, I believe I can do without," she sighed.

She met Mr. Borgan right where she said he would meet him, and he said he was very happy at his selection of shoes.

"They match my suit perfectly," he said, admiring them.

The two left the busy little town, and Mr. Borgan declared he still had nothing in mind to do.

"Well, perhaps well just sit around a pond and talk," she said, slowing her horse a little.

"Would you like that? Than I think that is what we shall do!" and he led her to a small lake, that had thawed out from the winter.

They began small chitchat, and eventually got into a discussion about lovers.

"So are you engaged then?" Mr. Borgan asked after hearing Katharine's story./

"I am not, sir," she smiled.

"And you, sir, are you engaged?" she asked, hopeful of a negative answer.

"I am not," he smiled back.

"Then I believe we are but two soul with no lovers. How ironic," she giggled.

"Indeed so!" he flung his head back on his hands and laid staring at the sky.

"You know, it's awfully strange," Katherine said, thinking out loud.

"What is?" Mr. Borgan asked sitting up.

"I believe I have hardly even thought of my brother or father, let alone my ex-fiancée!" she said.

"Well, good company will take your mind of those things," he smiled.

Katherine felt a sort of tingle, as he placed his hand on hers.

They talked awhile longer, and kept to themselves mostly.

When the sun began to decrees into the horizon, Katherine suggested they take their leave.

As they got back to Katherine's cottage, he held her hands and told her he would see her soon, and left.

"Oh, would Darren ever be mad!" Katherine said, closing the door.

She decided to eat inside, and have a nice, warm bath, and reflect on the day, but to really dream about Willingham. She thought it was extremely strange, and really, she couldn't stop thinking, why wasn't she yearning for her lover Darren. She remembered her mother said long ago, when she was alive,

"Absence from a lover is painful, yet the mind doesn't realize it until they are gone forever,"

That was it! She thought she still had a chance with Darren. A chance with Darren? Could she pass that up? She had to see him, she had to! But what about Willingham Borgan? He was like the man of her dreams! But so was Darren! Oh how could she ever decide?


Chapter 4

"I'll wait a few more days, then I will go and see him, and if he loves me again, I will know he is the one whom is right for me,"

She thought more on the subject, then decided to write to her brother and tell him how she was.

"Dearest brother Conter,

I am quite sorry to worry you like this, but I had to. I had to get out. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you I was alright, and I am having a pleasant time do far here. I have many friends, who are very sweet. I must go now, I love you much,

Yours truly,

Katherine Aurbury etc."

She read the letter out loud.

After her bath, and a light dinner, she finally retired for the night.

The next morning, around ten, Mr. Camerson was there to call on her.

"Coming, coming!" Katherine said as she raced down the stairs to open the door.

"Good morning Miss Aurbury," Mr. Camerson said delightfully.

"Good morning also sir, a pleasure to see you! Can I help you at all?" Katherine asked, happy to see the young man.

"Yes, actually, well, Miss Greenstone ,Mr. Borgan and I are going to go to the park for some fresh air, and we were wondering if you would like to join us?" he asked politely.

"Most defiantly! I would enjoy that very much! Where are Miss Greenstone and Mr. Borgan?" Kat asked.

"I believe they will meet us there, " he bowed.

"Come in sir, and seat yourself!" she said, persuading him to enter the house.

"Thank you," he sat down on the sofa.

"One moment, let me run up stairs and change into something more suitable. It will only take me a moment!" she assured him racing up stairs.

When she reached her room, she flung clothes out looking for her nicest dress to impress Mr. Borgan. She eventually found a soft pinky dress, and thought it was nice looking enough. The spring was there, and pink was the perfect color.

"I'm ready, Mr. Camerson," she said, skipping down stairs and joining Mr. Camerson. She immediately took his arm and the two headed out.

On the way there, they laughed and giggled, Mr. Camerson in his manly laugh, of course, and she with her girly giggle.

"Miss Aurbury, you are greatly amusing, I must say!"

"Thank you, I believe you make me that way. I have heard that you know."

He took long strides, she noticed, and his back was straight, with a gentleman's air about him. She laughed at how proper he acted, and how funny he really was. When they reached the park, the other couple ran to greet them.

"If you gentlemen don't mind, could we ladies talk amongst ourselves?" Jane asked happily.

"I believe that is a great idea! Come Mr. Borgan, we shall admire their figures from over here," Mr. Camerson laughed. The other three laughed also.

"Oh, I thought Mr. Camerson was shy!" Katherine said once the girls get out of earshot.

"Mr. Camerson? Indeed not! He is exceptionally humorous!" Janie laughed.

"You two seem to really like each other," Katherine said, as she saw a small sparkle in Janie's eye as she laughed.

"Who? Me and Mr. Camerson? Of course not!" Janie giggled at the thought.

"I have something more important to tell you though," Jane said, taking Kat by the hand. The two started walking slowly.

"I talked to Mr. Borgan while Mr. Camerson went to fetch you. I believe Mr. Borgan likes you well enough. You are all he talked about!" Jane said.

"Really? I mean, uh, that's nice," Kat couldn't help but smile.

"And, um, what might he, um, have said?" Kat asked.

"Oh, he said how charming and polite you were,"

"Uh huh, uh huh," Kat asked in anticipation.

"And how stunningly gorgeous you are," Jane said.

"REALLY?!?" Katherine said rather loudly.

"Not really," Jane said laughing.

"Oh Janie! Don't tease me like that!"

"Oh come now Kat! He did say you were very beautiful though,"

Kat looked away a moment. She thought he was EXTREMELY handsome!

"Girls, are you quite done?" Mr. Camerson asked impatiently.

"Quite sir!" Miss Aurbury said in a joshing tone.

So the four of them linked arms, both men on the outside, and to Katharine's delight, Mr. Borgan linked with her.

They talked an extremely long time, until in was getting so late that everyone had to go home.

Before they all left, Kat went to Miss Greenstone,

"Jane, would you like to be my roommate? I mean, I need someone to stay there with me, and you need a place, and I think I can help you out," Kat smiled.

"Oh really?!? Oh thank you Katherine! I was planning on leaving day after tomorrow too! I couldn't take my mind off it the whole time you were flirting with Mr. Borgan and Mr. Camerson!' Jane smiled, and hugged her new best friend.

"I'm still saving for a new cottage to call my own, but don't worry at all, I want to move some where near here anyway."

After everyone went home, and Kat and Jane went to their cottage, and Jane slept on the extra bed. In the morning the tow would go and buy new furniture. The old furniture was already almost all sold, because Mr. Borgan had a cousin who wanted to buy it all.

"Night Jane, see you in the marrow," Katherine said.

"Good night Katherine, sweetest dreams to you," and the two were off to sleep.

The next morning, they both walked to the town to look at furniture. They found beautiful floral prints, and lots of light colors, since it was spring. Mr. Borgan had had his cousin come by while they were shopping to take the furniture. The new bed the girls were going to pick out were the first things to be delivered.

"Oh look here at this one!" Jane said pointing to a blue sofa.

"No, its," Katherine said.

"What about... this one!" Jane aid, looking at a white one with pink flowers.

"Um, what do you think of this one?" Kat asked, admiring a green sofa.

"I think its lovely," Jane said smiling.

"We will take this green sofa here, and I rather like that wooden bench. Look, it has two doves carved into the top!" Kat said.

"Yes, that will be beautiful out side in the small garden!" Jane said happily.

"And I would like this wooden bed for myself, how about you Jane?"

"Um, make that two wooden beds, sir, they are rather beautiful," she said looking at the inexpensive price tag.

When they were done there, they couldn't wait for their furniture to be delivered. It would take a few days to get all of it(for there was much more) but the beds would indeed arrive by the night.

When finished at the furniture store, the two decided to go back to their home, so as if to get some well-needed rest. When home, there beds were not there yet, and the house was completely empty, except for the stove and furnace and such.

"You hoo! Darlings! Oh my girls, come to the door!" a familiar voice beckoned.

"Oh Mrs. Morgandoft, how nice to see you," Jane said to the plump woman.

"Oh girls girls, I was just talking to me dear dear husband, oh he is dear too, and can you guess what I was saying but.. Oh my! You have no furniture! Oh how will you sit down? My my!"

"Mrs. Morgandoft, don't you worry any!" Kat said.

"Yes yes! We have sold our furniture!" Jane concluded.

"Oh my! My goodness gracious! SOLD YOUR FURNITURE?! You poor poor dears! Are you starving? Are you cold? I don't think its very cold in here, you have the fire going? Why would you sell your furniture? Do you need money? Oh goodness, goodness!"

"Mrs. Morgandoft! We are replacing it, don't worry at all! It's coming quite soon! Our beds should be here any moment, I promise you," Kat laughed, for just then an extremely large wagon pulled to the house, carrying two beautiful wooden beds.

"See there, nothing to worry, our beds have come at last, and we can retire soon!" Jane said, holding the door so that the men working could fit the beds through. They were both set up in each individual room, and feather mattresses were placed upon them.

"Oh well dears, in all this, I forgot to finish what I was saying. I meant to have told you that I was talking to my husband and he suggested I visit you both,"

"Oh Mrs. Morgandoft, I think that is extremely generous of you to spend your time here," Jane said thoughtfully. She turned to face her friend.

"Don't you agree Kat?"

"Oh, um ,yessss OF COURSE!" Kat said, being waken from her daydreams. She was dreaming of him ,sadly she thought. Darren Drake would NOT LET GO!

"Thank you sirs," Katherine said to the men who moved the bed in, and handed them some money.

"Well, well, I must be off! But I will see you soon, will I not? Can't wait till the ball!" Mrs. Morgandoft said in a young girl voice. She too was extremely excited.

"Alright Mrs. Morgandoft, good bye!" Jane closed the door and walked the flight of stairs to the bedroom.

"I almost forgot! We haven't had dinner a'tall," Kat said, putting her hands on her hips.

Jane swung around and decended back down the stairs.

"all of a sudden I am VERY hungry," Jane said, listening for her stomach to growl.

"Don't worry at all, I believe we have some bread in on off the cupboards, and some milk, too, oh, and here are some apples, its not the best, but I do think it is sufficient for now,"

Kat brought over the food and placed them on a cloth on the floor.

The two sat Indian style on the floor and ate their food, quickly, so that they could rest in their new beds.

"Good night Jane, I'll see you in the morning, and off to a sleep filled night!"

The next day the two arose.

"Good morning Kat," Jane said as Kat slowly walked into the kitchen, with a sleepy look on her face.

"Uh huh," Kat said, plopping herself on the floor beside Jane.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I am just thinking," Jane replied.

"Oh I see," Kat said sarcastically.

"Lets take a stroll, shall we?" Jane opened the door. Each set out.

"Ahh, suuun!" Kat moaned.

"You are defiantly NOT a morning person Kat, come now, we shall get breakfast in town, there is a delightful little restaurant with bacon and eggs and ham, and all sorts of delicacies.

"If you insist!" The two skipped along and arrived shortly at the restaurant. After a hearty breakfast, the two girls left, and after a gracious request to "drop in" on Mr. Borgan, they left to see the great estate.

A great estate was not found, but small house, bigger than a cottage mind you, but a house, was what Mr. Borgan occupied.

"Its very beautiful," Kat said going to the door.

"Oh Jane Monique Greenstone! How could you bring lovely Miss Aurbury here! And surprise me! Ahh!" Mr. Borgan was indeed displeased, but Kat didn't hear him, for she was repeating his words in her mind "lovely Miss Aurbury,".

"So sorry Cousin Willingham!" Jane said, in a rather odd tone. She raised her eyebrow as to ask why he was so inflamed.

"Oh well, oh well, come in," he said unhappily.

"Willingham!" Jane whispered as they entered.

"What is the matter with you?!"

"Its impolite to inquire Jane," he said.

"Humph," Jane moved on.

"What a lovely house you have here, sir,"

"Thank you, Kathrine, err, I mean, Miss Aurbury,"

"Quite so," Jane said suspiciously

"I suppose I am not much for surprises," Mr. Borgan said.

"Oh? I LOVE surprises!" Kat blurted out.

"Well then, here, a little gift for you," he opened his hand, and in it lay a little wooden horse.

"OH WILLINGHAM, ITS BEAUTIFUL!" Kat raced for his palm. Suddenly she realized she had called him by his Christian name.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I was just, um, I uh," he spat over his words.

"Its quite alright my dear," he said kissing her hand.

"Come, I shall show you the way," he led the two girls down a hall and into a small little room, with a table and chairs.

"Ill have Matthew bring us some tea," he said, walking down stairs.

After they had all situated themselves comfortably, and tea was served, they began lightly conversing.

"Oh, theses are beautiful paintings, Mr. Borgan!" Kat said happily.

"Thank you, that one over there was done by my great uncle, Lousin Debrett," he said pointing to a painting of a waterfall.

"Quite lovely, quite," Kat said.

"So are you," Mr. Borgan whispered under his breath.

"Did you say something, cousin?" Jane asked suspiciously.

"Hm? Oh, no, Jane," he said, still watching Kat's every move.

After their short visit, the girls left happily to be off on their never-ending journey of womanhood. When the two girls reached their home once more, Kat had a letter waiting for her.

"Oh goodness, Jane, its from my brother," she smiled and frowned at the same time, if it were even possible.

"Dear Katie," she read aloud.

"Please come back! We miss you terribly! Father wont let me come to get you, and I need to badly! I miss you so much,

your forever,


"Oh I miss you also brother!" she cried.

"Come now Kat, don't you worry at all, why don't you visit them?"

"Well I.."

"You know you should. You keep saying some mans name in your sleep, and although you also say Willingham often, you also say Darren. What is this Kat? Two men to love? Only you could be so lucky!" Jane laughed happily.

The two girls stayed in the cabin until much of their furniture arrived, and Mr. Camerson and Mr. Borgan helped place the furniture where the girls directed.

"Whew!" Mr. Camerson said wiping his brow with a hanker chief

"Mr. Camerson, here, come sit down," Kat said happily.

"Thank you, Miss Aurbury I will," Mr. Camerson sat down, and Mr. Borgan did too, and they were both served lemonade and cookies.

"Wow Miss Aurbury, you are great at lemonade making," Mr. Borgan blushed.

"Thanks," she said, happily coming to serve him some more.

"And your cookies are great Miss Greenstone," Mr. Camerson laughed.

"You know I just realized the ball is coming on soon!" Jane said happily.

"True, perhaps we should all dance here, Mrs. Morgandoft said she would play the piano for us any time. We NEED to practice!" Kat said, rising back to her feet.

The four knocked on Mrs. Morganfoft's door, and smiled politely, and made their request. She was only too happy to oblige, and soon, everyone was jumping around the room.

Mr. Camerson, a jolly fellow now, was happily dancing with Miss Aurbury, and the two were as friends that have know each other ages.

"Mr. Camerson, your extremely light on your feet,"

"Me? Light on my feet? You must be mistaken, ma'am! I feel as though I'll crush your feet at any moment!"

They laughed and laughed, and the coupled traded partners each time.

After all were done, Mr. Borgan declared he would retire back to his home, for apparently it was getting late.

Mr. Camerson was asked to stay a little while longer, for Kat had some business to ask him about.

"Mr. Camerson, I do enjoy being in your presence sir, for you are much joyful," Kat blushed.

Mr. Camerson also blushed.

"And I you," he replied.

"And could I love you ever more lovingly than I already do?" Kat asked.

At first Mr. Camerson was extremely surprised and blushed hot red.

"Oh, sir, I didn't mean..."

"After All, by Fitzgerald Spalding" Mr. Camerson said, as if he had suddenly understood.

"Very good sir!"

"And if only I could take a moment to remember how we started, I would think back to a time, a time of Heaven and Angels, and you were the loveliest of all," Mr. Camerson said.

"Hmmmm, Of Heaven's Last Star, by Rela Dapolus," Kat said.

"Oh very very good, madam," he bowed. All the while Jane was asleep on her bed reading, the two sat up and talked.

"Well, Miss Aurbury, I have indeed had an extremely SPLENDID evening, and I enjoyed your company!" Mr. Camerson said, ready to walk out the door.

"I too had a grand time, sir, good evening to you!" she shut the door, and thought of how hard it would be to leave her dear friends, to see Mr. Drake.


Chapter 5

The next morning approached her, and as she rose from her bed, she felt a stunned silence. Her mind was filled with thoughts of her last lover.

She also had thoughts of two other men, Mr. Camerson, and Mr. Borgan.

Mr. Camerson had been almost like a brother to her since she had moved in. Mr. Borgan was extremely wonderful, handsome, and she felt extreme love for him. But she was torn.

She raced around the room, to pack each thing away gently, in her small suitcase. She couldn't bare it any longer. She had to see Darren.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jane asked, as Kat loaded her suitcase to the buggy.

"I do. I must. I have to see him," Kat said.

AS the buggy pulled out, Kat called back,

"Don't worry, Jane, I'll come back,"

But would she come back, she thought to herself.

Could she? What is Mr. Darren Drake was now over himself. What if he was so pleasant, Kat couldn't think of leaving him again. She would miss Jane too much. Of course Jane could come for a visit, but what about Mr. Borgan? Did Mr. Borgan see something special in Katherine? Did he love her? He was certainly a gentleman to her. He was more pleasant with her than almost anyone, or at leased that was what Jane told her.

And Mr. Camerson? She would miss their laughs, and their jokes. But most of all she would miss his love of books. Darren Drake hated reading.

After hours of riding, finally Katharine's buggy pulled up to the cottage. It wasn't really Katharine's buggy, truly, it was one of Mrs. Morgandarie's. Kat would miss her too.

"Oh Conter!" Kat said, flinging herself into her brother's arms.

"I knew you would come Katie, I just knew it, and you look so beautiful, so grown up!"

"Thank you so, brother!"

"Come, come now, inside, you must be tired, the sun has already gone down," Conter smiled.

Yet it was a weak smile, and she did not know why.

"Shall I call for Mr. Drake? I have missed him so much, and I am sorry of breaking our engagement," she said, hopefully.

"Err, um, perhaps in the morning, Katie, I think you should rest now," Conter led her inside, and she dined quickly, and left to sleep.

"Is not father here?" Katherine asked.

"Oh no, he has left awhile on some business, in which he has not informed me of yet,"

"Not informed you of Conter? That's good. You are fathers pet! He would tell you everything!" Kat snickered.

"Me? His pet? How untrue! You, my fair sister, are his pet. You ARE the female, after all!"

They sat around, and talked awhile, joshing each other the way they used too, and Katherine told Conter all about her friends in Devonshire, and all her small adventures.

By the time they got to bed, it was nearly time to wake, and Katherine was much tired.

But despite her tiredness, she woke quickly, and raced downstairs, to find Mr. Drake.

But Conter immediately stopped her.

"Where are you going?" he asked, solemnly.

"To find him, of course, whether he is riding, or buying things in town, which ever, I shall find him," Kat said, and pushed her brother away.

"Katherine!" Conter called to her, and ran to the doorway, but she had already mounted, and was off.

Once in town, she decided it was good of her to greet her old friends. So of course, she paid due to the baker, bookshop keeper, the tailor, and all the rest. But each time she asked of Mr. Drake, they smiled awkwardly, and told her they had not seen him.

"Drat," she told her self, but rode on.

Eventually she found herself riding towards "their" stream, by the grassy area, surrounded by trees, the perfect place for a picnic, and their favorite place to talk.

But suddenly she heard voices coming from the small ditch in which they used to hide, and share their dreams together. Then a sort of girlish giggle.

Then she heard a powerful laugh of delight, one she had heard many times before.

"Darren Samuel Drake!" Katherine cried in horror, as her eyes met with a man and woman appearing from under the tree.

"Katharine? Is that you? You look well. If you will excuses me, ma'am, I have some company," he said.

She grabbed for his arm.

"Who is that?" she hissed.

"Oh, I'm sorry, this Mary Beth Galled, Mary, this is my ex fiancée', Katharine Aurbury," he emphasized Ex, of course.

Kat stood stunned, then calmed herself.

"May I speak to you, Darren?" she grabbed his arm, and led him over out of earshot.

"What do you think you are doing?" Katherine asked, enraged.

"What does it look like? I'm spending time with my fiancée," he said happily.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, completely confused.

"You were always so ignorant, Katherine, so clueless to the signs, to the word, to even the sentences spoken from your lips. Ever since the day you left to visit your family, where was that again? Oh I can't even remember, I have been mad at you. How could you leave me, when we were just beginning such a wonderful relationship? So I decided, if you left me, I would leave you, and it so happens that Marry Beth was looking for some one to dance with at a party being held that night. Why do you think I was so cold to you when you returned?"


Her lips parted, and began a sentence, but stopped. She tried again, this time thinking of her words.

"And when I left? You didn't miss me? You just stopped loving me? Like that?"

"I don't really know. As soon as I saw Mary, I was content. When you ran away, I was always at parties with the regiment, or off somewhere drunk, I hardly had time to worry about you. It doesn't matter anyways, though, you called off the wedding, not me, so you can go be lonely somewhere else, and leave us alone," Such cruel words came from her once beloveds mouth.

She stared him right in the eye, a cold, hard, stare, all her hatred for him sent right from her eyes to his. He immediately regretted his words.

"I-" he began, but she twisted herself around, picked up her skirt, and mounted, leaving the two confused people starring after her.

When she got home, she was completely silent. Conter often tried to comfort her, but she only asked him to not.

The next night, many people attended a dinner party, and of course Mr. Drake was there with his fiancée. Everyone flinched when Kat walked through the door, but almost immediately, she turned and walked towards a group of men, to make conversation with.

After the dinner party, when everyone was going to bed, Katherine startled Conter, as she opened his door, letting a crack of light pour in his room.

"Con?" she asked, impatiently.

"What is it?" he asked rolling over, and lighting a candle.

"I have to leave tomorrow. I think I might have someone else, back in Devon shire, who could love me more than Darren Drake ever did," she crept in the room and sat down on his bed.

"Oh, um, well, if you must, Kat," he said, half asleep.

"I'll be leaving early tomorrow then, and I need to borrow the buggy,"

"Uh huh," he said, rolling over and blowing out the candle.

"Goodnight then," Kat said, but Conter was already asleep.

When Katherine arrived late morning in Devonshire, Jane was extremely surprised to see her.

"What are you-"

"Jane, he is a louse, and prefer not talking of him, if at all possible, or at leased until I have seen Mr. Borgan,"

"Yes, um, well, he is coming over, and he should be here any moment," Jane said, just as Mr. Borgan came walking up.

"Oh good morning Katherine, I see you're back from your trip. That was incredibly short!" he said smiling.

Good, she thought, Jane didn't tell him anything.

"Mr. Borgan, I need to speak with you immediately!" she said.

"Well, alright, saddle up your horse, we can go to the park. Oh and Jane, Mr. Camerson will want to know that Katherine is back, he said something about giving her a really great book or something," Mr. Borgan smiled over his shoulder, as they rode away.

Mr. Camerson, what a wonderful reader, she thought.

When they finally reached the park, Katherine held Mr. Borgan's hand.

"Mr. Borgan, I don't exactly know how to say this, but I hope I can say this in the simplest terms. I love you," she sat, starring back at him.

He was shocked a moment, then softened.

"As do I," he said happily.

"And," he said, bending to his knee,

"Will you marry me?" he held open a small box, with a jeweled ring inside.

"I was planning to ask you when you came back," he laughed.

"Oh, yes, yes!" she smiled happily.

The two laughed and laughed, until they were so tired of laughing, they raced around, tell everyone they saw about their engagement.

"This is So wonderful!" he said, kissing her.

"Incredibly!" he grasped her hand, and they walked around, all day, hand in hand.

By the time night came, they realized tonight was the ball. The ball they had waited for. But they were so excited. Mrs. Morgandoft was so excited, she told them all about how they should make an announcement.

"See this?" Kat asked her reflection in the mirror. She held her hand in front of her, showing herself the ring.

"See this Mr. Drake? I can do better than you! I can do better than you, and I will have a better life than you also! You and your Mary Beth!" she laughed at herself, in spite of her jealousy.

At the ball, her and her fiancée couldn't be parted. The only other person who was aloud to dance with her was Mr. Camerson, and she had one small dance with Mr. Morgandoft too.

When Mr. Camerson and Katherine danced, they were said to be the best couple on the floor. No one could doubt that Mr. Camerson was the best dancer there, and Kat being his partner, automatically made her look good.

"This is so much fun!" Katherine said, twirling about.

"indeed," Mr. Camerson said.

"You are graceful, sir,"

"Not anymore so than you," he glanced at her.

"You look very handsome tonight, Mr. Camerson," she smiled at him.

He blushed intently, and smiled. His smiled faded then a bit.

"Congratulations," he said.

"Oh thank you, I am so glad you have agreed to be the best man!"

"Anytime, of course, miss Aurbury," he said.

"Please, sir, you call me Miss Aurbury often, but I would like to think us more friends than that. I mean, we talk together, we read together, we laugh together, am I wrong?" she asked him, with a bit of a worried look on her face.

"Oh no, no, that is true,"

"I mean, Mr. Camerson, you and Jane are my best friends. Mr. Borgan is my fiancé. This is all I could have hoped for," she said, more to herself than to him.

Suddenly miss Aurbury remembered what she had begun talking of in the first place, and happily began once more.

"So sir, please call me Katherine, or Kat, or Miss Katherine, which ever you choose," she smiled.

"um, alright, Miss Katherine," she said, blushing. She could tell he had been brought up well.

After dinner and dance, everyone was happily leaving, each person filled with joy of the evenings pleasure.

Mr. Camerson and Mr. Borgan said their good byes to the ladies, and left.


Chapter 6 

Three days afterward, everyone was gathered in a buggy, with suitcases piled on top, and everyone crouched in the small space. They were headed to just outside of London, where everyone was meeting, everyone invited to the wedding of course, to gather at inns and stay awhile, until the wedding.

The schedule was that there would be two days of courting(for Mr. Borgan and Katherine didn't want to wait very long to be wed) and then on the fourth day, marriage.

The door was opened then to Miss Katherine, and Mr. Camerson helped her out.

She smiled sweetly at him. She was so happy of their friendship.

The two girls were giving a room, and the two men a different room. The inn was packed with people there, invited to the wedding. The chapel was beautiful.

That night there was a ball being held in honor of the couple.

Mr. Borgan had an extremely large family with many cousins, and a few sisters, no brothers.

At the ball, Katherine noticed Mr. Camerson by himself. But immediately, as she began that thought, a swarm of women surrounded him. She noticed they were mostly cousins and sisters, of course, or Mr. Borgan. She heard his man like laugh, and she giggled to herself.

As she thought back to the past times, she noticed women fallowed him often. That wasn't hard to understand, because he was an extremely good-looking man.

His curly brown hair was swept from his face in a single stroke, as he talked to the girls. He had a young looking face, cleanly shaven, as always, and very intelligent looking. But he was strong, and tall. He wasn't thin, but he wasn't large. His hands were large, and his feet were also,(which Katherine always teased him of) and she couldn't doubt that he was handsome. Then she looked over to Mr. Borgan. He was handsome too, even more so than Mr. Camerson. She smiled to herself, but suddenly felt a ping of jealousy for Mr. Camerson, but quickly brushed it away.

That night, after every one had gone to bed, Mr. Borgan met Miss Aurbury in the hall.

"I am so excited about tomorrow!" he said, grasping her hands. They were cold and sweaty. She jerked them away, and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"We should sleep," she said lightly.

"Yes," he said reluctantly.

After a goodnight kiss, they left for their rooms, yet somehow Katharine couldn't get that picture of Mr. Camerson out of her mind. Him, sitting there, say... in the park, under a tree, reading.

The next morning, Katharine couldn't hold herself, she was so incredibly scarred. She grabbed Jane's hands.

Minutes before the ceremony was about to begin, Mr. Borgan was nowhere in sight.

Mr. Camerson, Jane, and Mr. Aurbury looked everywhere, but Mr. Borgan was not found.

Just a note was found next to Katharine's bed.

"My dearest Katherine,

Please forgive me my love, but I cannot go through with this. I cannot marry you. I can't be tied down by a wife, and if I was, I would eventually hurt you, and I cant do that,

Goodbye Katherine,

Willingham Borgan, etc."

Katherine dropped the letter after reading it.

Suddenly Jane and Mr. Camerson burst through the door.

Katherine ran to Mr. Camerson, and he held her, she wetting his shoulder with tears.

The next morning, no one could find Mr. Borgan, so everyone went home.

Katherine decided it best to go with Mr. Camerson and Jane to Devonshire, instead.

She wept day and night, almost non-stop, for two days.

Each day, Mr. Camerson and Jane waited down in the kitchen, and they would see Katherine come down, take a glass of water, smile weakly at them, and walk slowly back up stairs.

Everyday was harder than the last, and every evening even harder. She missed Mr. Borgan greatly. But then she began thinking to herself. What would it truly be like to be Mrs. Borgan? She pictured herself, a cold, stuffy woman, with no fun, while she massaged her husbands feet, as he sat, being boring. She could see that. But what if I were Mrs. Camerson? That would be indeed funny. She could see them running through the parks, laughing, reading, she could even see children with them, playing, and goofing around, while their father hoisted them unto his shoulders.

It wasn't easy for Jane or Mr. Camerson to see her like that either. They also both tried to comfort her, but each time, she just replied,

"If you love a man, he will leave you," and begin crying again.

About a month passed, and everything went basically back to normal. Conter moved to Devonshire, and found that the four of them had more fun, then they ever did with Mr. Borgan.

One day, as the sun was still in hiding, a note was passed under Katharine's door.

She heard a small cough, and it woke her, and she went to pick the note from her floor. It simply said,

"And could I love you more ever lovingly than I already do?"

The day after, Mr. Garret Camerson and Katherine Aurbury were married in a small chapel in Devonshire. After waiting forever, she had finally found the right one.

The End


© 2001 Copyright held by the author.


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