The Fairy Phenomena

Have you ever thought of the possibility that fairies exist? I mean, I never even gave it a thought before. Sure, Ma and Pa would tell my little sis Sarah and me all kinds of stories about fairies, elves, and all sorts of mythical creatures. I suppose when I was younger, I always hoped that one day I would be sitting at my window, and all of a sudden a little fairy would pop in, greet me with a warm smile, and flutter back out. I've always been somewhat of a realist though, and I guess the thought that these stories were true never occurred to me.

You might be thinking by now, "Has this girl gone mad?" Perhaps I am. I will even admit, I don't feel quite sane all the time, especially since the rumor of "fairies" have spread through out my quiet little town. With our town, the smallest, pettiest thing creates an uproar for the entire village. The gossip flows through here like a plague. Everyone knows every tiny detail in everyone else's personal lives, weather they'd preferred it kept secret or not.

Well, you can bet once people began talking about glittery fairies, everyone knew, and no one could get it off their minds. Just walking down the street is completely murderous for me. As I walk, I hear numerous voices shouting and greeting each other. The most common greeting would be, "Have you heard the news about the man in Tuxacanty who saw a fairy?"

Only few people have actually seen a fairy (none in our town yet) but it still gets everyone all riled up. People would be simply dumbfounded if someone actually saw one here. (I don't think I could really care less)

I usually bring something to sell when I go in town. We live in a cabin just outside the hustle and bustle of Jarksbury Square. Jarksbury Square is where everyone talks, chatters, gossips, giggles, gabs, and any other thing you can think of that nosy, loud people do. Of course the people buy and sell there as well. I personally like quietness, myself. It's entirely grand to step outside on our back porch at night, when everyone's asleep, and only my cat Casper and I are up. I sit in Mama's rocking chair and rock back and forth as the wind rustles my hair, and I can hear the whispers of the trees as the wind passes by them. Oh, but you should see the sky! That is the most amazing part! The stars, just sitting there, in a giant pool of black, twinkling. Some twinkle faintly, and others burn white holes in the sky. Either way, just looking at them makes me shiver. It's so peaceful. Absolutely nothing like Jarksbury Square!

In the bookstore, the people move about as if they were on fire, everyone searching for some book on the fairies, to educate them in the gossip further. Although I love to read, lately I've been staying clear of the bookstore. Sadly, I can't avoid Jarksbury Square altogether. I must sell mama's dresses.

After a grueling struggle to pass the ladies in the clothing store, I finally get to the front so I can talk to the owner. She says she can sell Mama's dresses right away, and they will certainly being in a pretty penny for Mama's trouble. That's one of our ways to pay for our things; Mama, Sarah and I sew dresses. Well, Sarah and I don't exactly sew dresses yet, but we're both very talented in sock and mitten making.

I make my way though the group; each lady is too tied up in their fairy gossip to say hello. I'm too short for them to really notice me anyway. Oh well. I finally step out the door, shouting back to the owner that I'll be back in a week or so to see if any of the dresses have sold yet. She smiles and tosses me a gumdrop. I thankfully pop it in my mouth, smile brightly to show my appreciation, and continue my walk back to the house.

When I get home, Father is out hunting, Mama's making bread, and Sarah's playing outside with her homemade dollies. I made them for her myself. "Dara," Mama calls, "you ought to read a book if you're idle."

Don't you think a girl who's fourteen should be out, doing something, rather than reading? I don't complain though, like some of my friends do when their mothers insist on them reading a book. Personally, I love reading.

I decide that I'll read the book I've had out for awhile( and no, it's not about fairies). It's a story about a dragon, a princess and a knight. A classic tale, indeed. I read for a few hours, after reporting to Mama what the store owner said.

Finally, father comes home, after a nice hunt with the dogs, and sits down in a chair, exhausted. He brought us home a few rabbits. Mama said they'll go excellent with the bread and soup she made earlier. I agree.

After dinner, Sarah is sent off to bed, and Father decides that's the best thing for him to do as well. Mama shoos me off to bed, and I reluctantly go, although I wish deep down that I could have stayed up and sewn with Mama, by the light of the candles. Sarah and I share a room, so snuggling in, I say my prayers and fall asleep.

A few hours later, I suddenly awake to soft whispering. Completely awake now, I notice Sarah is happily cuddled up with her dollies. I get out of bed, and make my way down our hallway into the living room. The whispering stopped. Casper then crawls out from behind the chair. I hadn't noticed him there.

"Casper couldn't possibly have been making those noises, " I sigh to myself. I turn around and retrace my steps back to bed. Yet then again I hear it, only this time a little louder. It sounds more like singing. Racing to the door, I'm hopeful that this time it won't stop.

The door swings open, as I launch myself out onto the cold grass beyond the porch steps.

I follow the sound into the forest, through the trees, and near the brook. Suddenly, ahead of my, I notice, sitting on a rock, a pixie, just like the ones described in the fairy tales I've heard time and time again. Her beautiful wings are pressed together, shimmering. Her tiny feet and hands are placed on the rock, and she is sitting happily, with a content look upon her face. She just sits there and sings, melodiously. It is a very soft singing, so I cup my hands on my ear so I can hear more clearly. Now I can hear the words, but I cannot understand them.

The words are apparently in another language/ Even in the dark forest, a moon beam falls upon her, I draw a breath. She hears the sound and stops singing, looking around to figure out who is watching her. I try to duck out of sight, but she spots me. Surprisingly, she smiles at me. Then, she flitters up, plucks a single flower from the tree behind her, and touches it softly. The flower was white before, but as she touches it, a splash of blue, pink, and gold melt down the flower, staining it beautifully. It sparkled with dew and dripped with glitter. Then she leaves it on the rock, and flutters away. I stand, astonished, not wanting to move, hardly breathing. Finally, summoning my courage, I walk over and pick up the magnificent flower, and lightly pick it up. I kept it safely in my hands until I reached the cabin. Wouldn't the town gossips love to get their hands on my story? Or even my flower? Well, that's entirely too bad, because I won't tell a soul...I saw a fairy. The Fairy Phenomena

The End


2002 Copyright held by the author.


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