Catherine's Moving Day


This is a Beauty & the Beast fanfic. When I first began collecting fanfics, I started with Beauty & the Beast. That is the TV show that was on CBS on Friday nights, not the Disney movie.

Disclaimer: The Characters of Vincent & Catherine are the creations of Ron Koslow, and are the property of Republic Pictures.

"There, that's the last one," thought Catherine Chandler, as she closed her suitcase. She smiled a sweetly mysterious smile to herself, as her "moving" crew picked it up and carried it to the elevator. "I didn't know that my decision would be so easy," she thought as she joined Mouse, Jamie, Kipper & some of the other younger members of the Tunnel Community.

"Okay good, okay fine. Mouse is glad Catherine comes to live down below. Make Vincent happy." said Mouse, as the elevator reached the sub-basement of Catherine's apartment, and they made their way to the entrance to the Tunnels.

"Yes, Vincent will be very happy." said Jamie, as the group made its way toward the main hall of the Tunnel Community. As they walked along, they could hear various messages being banged out along the pipes that served as a sort of telegraph for the Tunnels. Catherine, having spent enough time below, she could understand some of the messages were informing Mary, Vincent & Father that Catherine was on her way.

Catherine Chandler was moving into the Tunnels, after much soul searching. She had thought and thought about how her decision would affect herself, Vincent & the Tunnel Community, and it occurred that she truly had much to offer the Tunnel Dwellers, and she would be nearer to her Dearest Vincent.




Catherine almost ran in excitement and joy at the thought of finally coming home, for that was how she had begun to think of the Tunnel Community. In the last three years she had begun to feel that they were her family, especially after losing her own Father. She had felt so much at home during the time she spent there, after the funeral. So the closer she came to the Main Hall, the more anticipation she felt. She smiled at the thought that her beloved Vincent also felt the same. The bond they shared was a strange and beautiful thing.


"Okay good, okay fine, we're back." Announced Mouse, as Catherine, Kipper, and the rest of the young people who went with her to help her pack and move her things.


Catherine smiled in surprise after discovering that all of her good friends in the Tunnel Community were waiting to welcome her to her new home. First & Foremost was Father, the Tunnel Community's stern, yet compassionate patriarch, and while his face wore his usual stern look, Catherine smiled when she observed the reluctant twinkle of pride in his eyes. For it was Catherine that had saved his son from the terrible melancholy that had almost killed him. Also there to meet her was Mary, the Tunnel Community's staunch matriarch, who immediately embraced Catherine, and had the young people carry Catherine's things to her new quarters that were next to Vincent's.


Mary & some of the other Tunnel ladies were waiting outside of Catherine's chambers to assist her unpacking, with Vincent's help.

"These shelves look sturdy. Cullen built them, with Mouse's help." said Catherine, smiling mischievously, thinking of the young mechanical genius.            

"He tried his best." replied Vincent, taking the books, that Catherine had taken from a large box.

"That should be the last of my books, Vincent. These  particular books are special treasures of mine, for they once belonged to my Mother. My Mother was especially fond of Jane Austen. This was her set of the novels. She gave them to me before she died. I used them in my English Literature class while I was at boarding school & college. I am especially fond of Pride & Prejudice & Northanger Abbey," said Catherine helping Vincent to place each book carefully on the shelves. The last two boxes of books had been reluctantly accepted by Father, for his ever increasing library.

Catherine finally called a halt, so Mary & the other ladies could go help prepare the evening meal. Catherine had just hung up her last dress, when she turned at the sound of running feet.

"Vincent! Vincent! Everything is ready" called Lark, the other new member of the Tunnel Community. Andrew, one of the Helpers had found the little girl just outside the back door of his restaurant. She had been hanging about there for more than a week. She didn't know where she was from. Andrew had brought the homeless little girl to the Tunnels only a month before.

"What is ready, Lark?" asked Catherine, smiling, for Lark had become something of a favorite of hers.

"A surprise for you Catherine." replied Lark, giving her friend a big hug, which was happily returned by Catherine.

"A surprise? What kind of surprise? I love to be surprised," said Catherine, as she stood up & brushed the dust off her gown.

"You'll find out, Catherine. Come with Vincent, Kipper& me." replied Lark, taking Catherine's hand. "Did you bring it Kip?" Lark asked, as she turned in the doorway to ask the dark haired boy who arrived right behind Lark.

"Yes I brought it, Lark." replied Kipper, as she gave Lark a scarf.                                        

"If it is to be a proper surprise, you must be properly surprised, Catherine." said Vincent, as he took the scarf from Kipper "Of course I must be." agreed Catherine, smiling at Vincent in a mischievous way.

Catherine tied the scarf over her eyes, Lark & Kipper  each took one of Catherine's hands to lead her. Lark giggled as they walked along the corridor.

"We worked on the surprise all day long, since we knew that you were going to move to the Tunnels today" said Kipper.

"Be careful Catherine, you need to step up here." said Vincent, as they walked along.

Catherine carefully stepped up with Kipper's & Lark's help. They just walked along a bit farther.

"We're there Vincent" said Lark, as she and Kipper turned Catherine, so that she might enter another chamber. As Vincent helped Catherine remove the blindfold, she was surprised and filled with wonder at the sight of a chamber filled with brightly lit candles. The chamber was hung with rich antique velvet drapery, that had once been a deep wine color, that had faded to a light purple, a Helper had given them to the Tunnels, and Mary &some of the other women had helped the children hang them in the little chamber to turn it into a bower for Catherine. There was a little table set for two, complete with candles. The draperies had been embroidered with flowers to add to the bower effect.

"Vincent, this is beautiful, and this was your idea, because of the roses." exclaimed Catherine, in wonder.

"Having this room made into a bower for you was my idea, but the dinner was the children's. They thought that as this was your Moving Day, they thought we might enjoy having dinner together, and tomorrow you will be able to begin having meals in the main dining hall." replied Vincent, as he gallantly seated Catherine at the little table.

Before seating himself, Vincent went back out to the passage way, where he knew that Kipper & Lark waited with William to bring in his & Catherine's dinner. Catherine heard Vincent whisper to someone in the passage way, and soon the Tunnel Community's excellent cook & his two eager "assistants" carried the trays into the little chamber and placed them on the table. The aromas coming from the dishes on the trays were, to Catherine, utterly delicious. Catherine smiled at Kipper's & Lark's announcement that they had helped William with the soup, which was a very hearty beef soup, with rice & many vegetables that Catherine knew came from the Helper who worked at Terminal Market. There was also a bottle of a rich red burgundy wine that would compliment the soup. There was also a tray of cheeses & William's fresh bread & a bowl of fresh fruit.

The dinner was a happy time of sharing between the two & Catherine, knowing that her new "family" had gone to such lengths to make he feel at home, loved & special, brought tears to her eyes & Vincent's, as they realized that from that day on they would always be in each others' company.




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