Learning to Fit In


The following is a new Beauty & the Beast story, as before, Catherine Chandler, Vincent & the Tunnel Community are the property of Ron Koslow & Republic Pictures. Now that Catherine has moved into the Tunnels, she is trying to find her niche.


Catherine started awake, and looked around trying to think where she was, but only for a moment, as she quickly recalled that she had moved to the Tunnels. She smiled to herself as she thought of the quiet dinner she had shared with Vincent. After they had finished eating, they had spent the evening quietly reading to one another & discussing what she might do to help in the Tunnels.


"You have the potential for helping with any of the women, and I know that you will make a good addition to the High Counsel." replied Vincent.


Catherine smiled at her beloved Vincent's confidence in her abilities, and she had promised the children that she may just visit them while they were at there scheduled classes. That was one thing she had discovered since that fateful evening that brought her to the Tunnels & she discovered the bond between her and Vincent, the children of the Tunnels had accepted her without question as they loved Vincent and he loved them. Catherine could tell the children stories, as she had found that she was very proficient at that skill. Catherine also knew that she would be taught new skills, for Rebecca had promised Catherine how to make the candles that she was known for. Mary had promised to teach her how to do the lovely needlework that the Tunnel Community's women were known for. But she would need to get up so that her first day in her new life could start.  


2002 Copyright held by the author.


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