Assault With Poetry

Callie got off the bus at about 7:30.It had been a long day at work & she had half an hour to get ready for her 8:00 English History class, but she had to stop at the ATM machine before she went to her dorm. She needed to deposit some money. There was an ATM by the student center & she was just a few steps from there, so Callie ran the last few yards to the student center, only to curse her luck that the ATM machine was out of order, so she would have to stop at the machine closer to her dorm. Callie did not like this particular machine, as one of her floormates got robbed there. No matter how neatly the bushes were kept trimmed, the bushes always made hiding places for potential muggers. Callie was very aware of this as she approached the ATM machine & began the process for depositing her money.

Callie had just put her ATM card into the machine, when she became aware of the fact that there was someone in the bushes, watching her. She could feel her potential attacker's eyes on her, watching her, while she tried to remember what the self defense instructor had said at the women's seminar she had gone to. Yet nothing was coming to her, she couldn't even scream when the tall young man jumped out of the bushes & thrust a sheaf of papers at her & ran off into a dark, cold February night. This was not at all what she had expected to happen, but she called Campus Police anyway, and the officer came & took Callie's report of the tall young man who jumped out of the bushes & thrust the sheaf of paper at her. Callie knew that she would be too late for her class, so she went to her dorm. She hurried to her room, unlocked the door & just threw her coat, purse & backpack onto the floor. It wasn't until after she had made herself a hot cup of chamomile tea, that she realised that she still had the sheaf of papers that had been so abruptly thrust into her hands. Suddenly she was curious about just what she had been given, Callie soon had her answer.

They were poems &not just ordinary poems, very good poems, sad poems, happy poems, love poems & political poems, all penned by the same hand& signed by the nom de plume "Dark River".

It suddenly became a mission with Callie. She would find the young man who assaulted her with poetry, if it took her the rest of the Semester.




2003 Copyright held by the author.


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