The Mirror



Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

Who is the fairest one of all?

Her eyes gaze intensely at the figure reflected in the cold, silver glass. Eyes, dark eyes, with circles under them, gaze back at her with the same confused look. Her eyes. At a closer observation, one can see Sadness and Unhappiness reflected in them. In her opinion, they cannot be described as vibrant or beautiful. Definitely not beautiful. She lifts her hair playing with different styles, examining her face at different angles. Although it may be called indulging in vanity, she does not intend to; she will not admit it, but subconsciously her design in this action is to find a way to make herself one of the gorgeous. A sigh of dissatisfaction escaped her red mouth. She finds Nothing Spectacular.

She closes her eyes hoping that the figure in front of her will disappear and a new more socially accepted beauty would replace it. She closes her eyes wishing what no one should. Wishing that the figure of front of her was not her. Wishing that she was someone else. Wishing that someone else would take her place. Yet, even with her eyes closed the figure in the mirror does not disappear.

She opens her eyes and sees that nothing has changed. She upbraids herself for her childish expectation and for her hopeless hope. This was her life. This was her body. This was her. Stuck with herself.

Life has played with her. People toyed with her concepts; they have confused her. Captious comments have damaged her Confidence. She has ended up trying to please others (with much failure) and has forgotten, in the process, that she should learn to be pleased with herself. She has lost sight of herself. The person she knew who was more Confident, Reassured, Happy had somehow disappeared in the maze called life.

She had forgotten. She has forgotten before.

Her life is falling apart. Nervousness. Anxiousness. Self-consciousness. Feelings take over her power to stand tall. She feels like the figure behind the glass of the mirror. Trapped behind a barrier, able to see but unable to move. Everything is backwards. Confused. Nothing she could do would please them. What seems right to her is wrong to them and vice versa. She no longer wants to fight. Alone. A depressing word. She no longer wants to hurt. She is living a Catch-22.

People have told her to maintain a positive attitude. Don't be so negative, they say. Be optimistic, they say. How? How does she pass a mirror in the morning and not find anything wrong, when all her life everyone contradicted themselves and were negative? She shakes her head and acknowledges her low confidence.

What happened to the girl that existed before. A girl who could look at the mirror and see something beautiful. What happened to her? Words, hurtful words, drew her towards the mirror. Now, escape seems impossible.

She waits patiently for an escape. Days, weeks, months, and years seem to have pass, and her patience has slowly deteriorated. How can she break the glass. Escape. She prays silently for the day when someone will help her escape the mirror. When she can look beyond. When she can find herself again.

From across the verdant grounds he spots her sitting next to a tree. He is intrigued and drawn. Lingering as his friends attempt to call him away from this ethereal beauty. To him she is everything she hopes she could be. She is. He cannot tear his eyes away.

He. He looks into the mirror and sees himself. Not perfect but Human. He is not trapped. Only occasionally, but that is to be expected. Unlike her, his troubles have given him, rather than Weakness and Sorrow, Strength.

With Confidence, he approaches her.

She sees him coming. She felt his gaze. She is ready to walk away, but she finds that she cannot. Her body does not want to move. Her feet are planted, as she turns and is caught in his deep blue eyes.


She does not answer, but only tries to look down. Yet, something in her heart compels her to look up at him again. For the second time her eyes are drawn to his. They speak volumes to her. She cannot turn away, and, she, uncharacteristically, finds herself speaking.


They talk. She laughs. He smiles.

For moments she forgets how she feels about herself. She forgets about the mirror.

Months passed. Time passed.

He is still with her. Her savior. Healing through Kind words, Comfort, and Support. When she looks into the mirror she no longer sees Ugliness. Her brown eyes sparkle and dance expressively. The dark circles have disappeared.

She sees a person. A Positive person with a heart and a soul. More the way she was. Changed, from the experience, but more the way she was.

Escape was hers. She was free. Floating on cloud nine. Blissfully aware of life. Happy to be her.

Love. Love brought about this change. Love had saved her. His love.

She is no longer alone.

Hand in hand, He and She walk together pass the silver glass and the reflections of the mirror.


© 2000 Copyright held by the author.


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