An Ode to Sonnet 18 (Poem for the Modern Romantic)

Nikki K.

Should I compare you to a super model, size two?
You look more genuine and feel much more real.
Smooth skin and toned bones seem to be what's new,
But basking in your softness is a much better deal.

What is perfection of skin, hair, teeth and flesh,
When photo shopped to a magazine's satisfaction.
I would much rather have the naturalness of your blush,
And hear the power of your voice in action.

Your strength and your convictions are your true charms,
Because your achievements and wit will never subside.
Measure those against the photo that's causing you alarm,
The scale is tipped in your favor, more than you've surmised.

Accept that behind the mask of every digitized image run.
Lies the genuine substance of an undigitized woman.

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2014 Copyright held by the author.