The Weather

Clare always found it ironic how the weather could suite her moods. Today, the air was heavy and the skies were heavy with dark grey clouds threatening to leak into Clare's world. Unusual weather for summertime. Hoff was the name of her dog that had run away because he had found a new dame. Anthony, that was her ex-loves name. He tore her sweet, he tore her good, and now the weather was suiting her mood. Clare was not happy.

Clare's family name commanded the attention of hundreds and courted the world's best bank. Her fathers, fathers father had created this charm, but Clare found that her family charms could buy was all for naught because they were tasteless, like dust. They did not bring Clare happiness, only comfort for her misery. Clare sat in self pity in a room full of things that she did not care for.

Clare got up and left for work. She did not have to work; her family charms could support her. But she found no interest in wiling away her family charms in boutiques stuffed to the brim with overpriced cloths. It was an unconstructive way to spend a day let alone a life time. Working kept her occupied, and for a few minutes, a few hours, Clare could forget her pain.

At lunchtime Clare battled the weather and went down to the café at the end of the road to meet a friend for lunch. Sophie was very concerned for Clare. A real smile had not touched her lips since spring.

The lunch for two turned into a party of four as Sophie had banded together a merry little army of their closest friends. These four women had been friends for an age, and were as thick as thieves. There was no leader amongst them because that would break the unwritten Law of Friendship. They were as diverse a group of people as the world could compile, all of them being from different countries and different backgrounds. Sophie was the mother hen who clucked and fussed over the rest of them, Rhea was the protector of the lot, her sharp wit and cutting tongue keeping wolves at bay, Gabby was the drama queen, and Clare was the joker. What joined them all at the hips was their fierce loyalty to each other, and their love to laugh. Sophie, Rhea and Gabby were deeply concerned, for Clare's humour had vanished, and she no longer laughed at life's follies. So began their combined efforts as a united troop to bring Clare's smile back to her face and the mischievous twinkle back to her eye. And there efforts were rewarded, though the operation took more than just the one lunch. Nearly every day for the next two weeks the four friends banded together for lunch or dinner, a video (maybe two), and slowly the smile came back to Clare's face and the mischievous twinkle returned to her eye. Clare's humour had been found and this little group made her content. In their presence the world seemed good and whole again, and Clare had no unhappy thoughts.

Clare always marvelled at how the weather could match her mood. The summer sun shone brightly in the sky, not a cloud in sight.


The End


© 2005 Copyright held by the author.



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