Poem #1 - Never The More


December night, drop dead dreary
Never the more there than I
Fall so sound asleep, counting
Pacing my breath, in rhythm of the
Sounding thunder and heavy rain
That shake the boughs of dew, my heart
- Cries out -
December night, noxious nothings nevermore
Somewhere beyond what I knew was gone
Existed extinct fantasies of you and I
Delirious, mad manipulations
Weave strange featherings of my mind,
A smile and the heart quickens
Anticipating the last regrets of a sinful sinner,
Steal into the forest of the night
Engrossed in stealth and secret, so that I
Pretend, unnoticed, the waters run dry
And you are gone
So gone, never the more there than I.

Poem #2 - What Makes Me Whole


Nothing in this life
Has meant more to me than you
When I find that I am empty
With hollow feelings
Dry and unbending,
With shallow roots and shallow thoughts,
You plow the soil,
Sow the seed,
That in my heart grows
Wild, as a rosebush
You fight the anger
With tender looks,
Thoughtful insights into my
Already hardened core
And make me see that life is worth living,
Worth giving a try,
Worth everything I can be,
Everything I can do.
You are the center
Around which my world pivots,
You are what makes me happy,
You are what makes me whole.

And I am so lost without you.

Poem #3 - Eternity


Eternity could take me beneath diamond skies
It could recall whispers, then,
And chain my heart with its intangible binds.
Eternity could shadow a thousand moments
And leave bare the trees now forgotten
It could milk the clouds of hot, fresh tears
And smear the oil canvas of smooth plains,
Painted anon through life's raw fingers.
Eternity could rob telltale visions of impassioned dreamers
And make them realized, yet unfulfilled.
Eternity... it could draw me into its deceptive web of lies
And sieze my heart,
Convinced of its god given rights
Forever is forever is forever
Eternity, and I forget to breathe.


Poem #4 - She's Come Undone


She's come undone
She's come unraveling down
And I find that I can't
Find what I found so charming.
She's come apart
She's come irrevocably down
And I can't believe that
I thought her so strong.
When I was the one
To look for help, she
Never let me down
And now I find her
Broken and chained
Yet I cannot find the
Strength to save her.
She's come undone
She's come unraveling down
And I can't find the cure
To save her.


Poem #5 - The Way Of Things


There's that pain
That wide-eyed, open artless expression
Of grief so profound
No one understands,
Can begin to fathom
She can quietly pretend
To be so much more, so much less
It's never impossible
To be what you're not, and succeed
But there's that knowledge
Drawbacks, hesitations
She questions whether she can
Stop the act, play a different part
A quarter to one, awake
The moonlit ceiling glows in sympathy
Why do I have to deal
With this and not her?
Why is it my cross to bear?

There's that pain
And you can't take it away
Because you don't understand it
But it's there, lying, waiting
You can't take it away
Because she won't tell you it exists
Because it hurts more
Than you could ever know

Because she's alone and maybe
That's the way it was meant to be.


2001 Copyright held by the author.




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