Untitled Poem


I lay, my head pressed against the floor,
Thoughts swirling through my mind,
I try to imagine my future,
But all I see is a blank past.

My mind flies from one uncompleted thought to the next,
Another goal unfulfilled, another person I let down,
I search for a light in the dark abyss of memory.
I see a flicker, but it is another dead hope.

I search frantically still not knowing what it is I seek,
My head still abuzz, "no purpose" my every cell screams,
My mind is blank, my body sighs in resignation,
I can no longer feel the pain that rips at my heart.

I lay drowning in in self-pity
Forehead still pressed to the cold tile floor,
But as my will fades, the world stirs
And urges me to continue on with the mockery of my existence.

I turn towards the door, the face that used to betray agony, seems to be etched from stone,
My eyes no longer reflect my soul, but flash with steel,
I push through the door, hiding my misery from all,
And inwardly I lose a little more of myself.


2001 Copyright held by the author.



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