A Space Adventure



Jacken slowly stepped out of his speeder and looked at the building before him. The building was the Jupi Space Academy, the finest in the galaxy. Jupi was a large city located at the planet Jupiter, and was a little distance away from Jupiter's capitol, Jupitruet.

When Jacken (a young boy of fifteen) walked towards the academy, he pondered over why he had left his home at Saturn. Of course, he was happy to be able to go to the academy, in fact, the governor of his hometown had recommended that he go there. It was his as well as his parents dream. But then, he had had a perfectly good life in Saturn and was already homesick.

As Jacken thought over all this, he walked over and stepped through the academy's doors.


Chapter 1

A service droid escorted Jacken to his room. Service droids could be programmed to do many different things, such as cooking, cleaning, translating, even repairing ships or building computers.

Jacken stared in awe at the trophies and certificates of graduation from the academy that hung on the walls of the long and narrow hall. He knew, or at least hoped that he could have a certificate of his own hanging on those walls.

"Your room is this one," the droid said, coming to a halt, "It is number 310. You will be sharing it with Marcus Itchcot, a first year like yourself."

"Uh, thank you, can I have my card key please? And, when is lunch? I haven't eaten since last night ", Jacken asked.

The droid handed him his key and said, "Lunch is in an hour and a half. Any other questions will be answered in the manual you picked up at the desk." At that, without a goodbye the droid turned and walked down the hall.

"Well, that's that", Jacken remarked, as he opened the door to his quarters."

Days went by at the academy. Then weeks, even months. Marcus had showed up a day after Jacken's arrival.

Marcus was a Jupiteroin, in other words, he was from Jupiter. He wore a special kind of sunglasses that were made for his race. Almost all of the people from Jupiter wore them, because naturally their eyes were designed to see in complete darkness and they could go blind looking in the light. The sunglasses protected their eyes from the bright lights on cities and buildings that artificially lit up Jupiter which was naturally a very dark planet. Occasionally, a few had surgery on their eyes to make them able to be able to see in the light.

Marcus was a fun loving person who was ready to work when needed. He had a great sense of humor and always was making jokes even when nobody was in the joking mood. Despite that, he was a very pleasant person, and a good companion. Jacken's character was a more serious one, and he was obviously smarter than Marcus. Also, he was a lot less open then the latter and hardly made any jokes. All in all, Marcus and Jacken always got along and were very good friends.

The classes that Jacken had that year where very boring for him, because first years basically only took history, geography, and science classes. History was the worst, and he was sick of hearing about the Grand Admiral Levi SyQuest, hero as he was.

The next year's course was better. The classes where mechanics, programming and math. For Jacken this was the easiest year at the academy because on Saturn his father was a mechanic and Jacken often had helped him in his work.

One day Marcus had taken a walk along the academy's premises and when he returned he noticed Jacken typing on his mini-computer.

"What are you writing?" He asked, casually.

"I'm just working on that final exam for mechanics." Jacken answered.

"Oh, that exam. The one you are supposed to build a droid and the teacher will study it and give you a mark according to how well you built it?"

"Yeah, that. You should be working on it too, you know." Marcus's comrade replied.

"You know, you're right. You're absolutely right. I'll get down to it sometime. Well, what kind of droid did you pick?" Marcus asked.

"A battle droid. The kind that floats around and follows you."

"A Bh droid? Huh, that's interesting. They are really dangerous you know. When will you finish it?"

"Tonight." Jacken replied.

Authors note: The droid will have a role in the story later on.


Chapter 2

Two years later...

Part A

There was a stern figure waiting impatiently outside Admiral Tenyson's office at Jupitruet.

"Who is that man waiting in the hall?" the Admiral asked his secretary.

"Oh, that is one of our new recruits. His name is Jacken Iscar and is from Saturn. He is a graduate from the academy in Jupi, and was one of the first to sign up ."

"I see. What did he specialize in at the academy?" The Admiral questioned.

"In piloting, Sir. He passed all his tests with flying colors and was one of the best students in the academy," his secretary replied. "Should I send him in?"

"Of course."

"Jacken, I understand that you were a graduate from the Jupi space academy. Congratulations! I graduated from there myself. Now, I understand that you specialized in piloting so I have decided to position you at the Jupitrat Space Station on Jupiter's moon, Lo." Tenyson said.

"Thank you, sir." Jacken replied.

"Now, report tomorrow at the station. Take this computer chip. It will show that you now belong in the army of the United Planets, Private Iscar.

Part B

Karena loved to read her letters from Jacken. Her brother always seemed to be able to send her a letter every week. As she finished reading his last one Karena's father, Jaren Iscar, walked into her room without a knock. His face was pale and his eyes were a fiery white color.

"What's wrong, Irikon?" Karena asked, seeing her father so distressed.

"I came to tell you that the Irith-funjir have invaded! I only learned of this fifteen minutes ago. The entire city is forced to evacuate for the enemy will be here soon!" Her father said quickly.

"What? How could they get past Neptune? Neptune has a brave and valiant fleet, not to mention large. It would have been very hard to get passed them. Is Neptune crushed?"

"Of course Neptune isn't crushed. And you're right -- it seems impossible to get past Neptune but they succeeded by using cloaking devices. Only a few ships at a time passed Neptune; nevertheless, after six months they have been able to assemble a large army on Uranus. Now they have come to attack us. Neptune is hot on their heels, but the If-Q Alliance will get here before them. We have a small army here because the majority of it was away at Neptune trying to keep the Alliance from coming." Her father answered.

"To where are we evacuating?" Karena asked, feeling her eyes change color to a fiery white.

"To the rings. Then we will catch a flight to Jupiter. We will see Jacken soon."

Authors note: Irikon is a Saturn word for father. Irikca is mother. Also, Saturners eyes change color. When angry or frightened their eyes turn a fiery white color, when calm it is either blue or green. At night their eyes glow, enabling them to see in the darkness. There are to races on Saturn, the Saturners and the Saturion. The main difference is that Saturners eyes change color and can stay up day and night with out sleeping for long periods of time, while Saturion can not. The Saturners were dominant over the Saturion until a new order was established. Both races are very similar, and are closely related.


Chapter 3

Jacken eased back in his chair in the cockpit. This was his first mission and maybe his last. He was flying a Jupi-4 model, the standard fighter.

His squadron was supposed to attack a group of enemy freighters, which would cut off a great deal of supplies going to the Irith-funjir at Saturn. The ships where protected mainly by bombers, which meant that the freighters would be easy prey. The bombers are good against land troops while they are horrible against jet fighters.

This portion of the battle lasted two hours. The enemy bombers only had two feeble ion cannons, and several where basted to smithereens. Then the real battle began. The fighters who where protecting the freighters behind the bombers zoomed up and it was another hour of intense fighting before the battle slowed and finally stopped. Enemy fighters where small, fast, and powerful. The Jupi fighters, however, were equipped with proton torpedoes and could stay out of laser range and blast the enemy ships.

As things began to slow down, Jacken wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his glove, and heaved a sigh of relief. He wondered what was happening to Marcus. He had joined the army and was assigned a post at Saturn.

Fifteen minutes later the fighting stopped. Then, while the fighters where preparing to devastate the rest of the freighters, a ship suddenly appeared out of hyperspace. It was an Irith-funjir command ship.

Karena glanced out of the transport window to see the spectacular view of the rings. There where several large spaceports below. Since the rings where made of dust and debris the spaceports couldn't rest on the rings, but hovered over top of them by result of gravity. In a few minutes time she would be in one of those cities.

A voice echoed through the corridor, "Attention! All passengers should collect their things and be prepared for landing at Siriscule. We will arrive in fifteen minutes."

Karena sighed, and gathered her things.

"Everyone, don't panic," came the sergeants voice through Jacken's intercom, "Group A, I want you to try and destroy the rest of the freighters before they board the command ship. B, try and take on the ship to give group A a chance. Lets go!"

Jacken swerved his ship to the right. He was part of Group A. The freighters where obviously trying to board the enemy ship and would succeed within a few minutes. He zoomed down with the rest of his group. Jacken and the others managed to bring down three more freighters before the rest boarded. As he tried to swerve to the right to join Group B in the fight, he realized that his systems were jammed. The command ship had locked him in tractor beam!


Chapter 4

As he slowly glided towards the enemy ship, Jacken's mind was racing. Why had the command ship shown up? Why was it locking him -- just a petty pilot -- in a tractor beam? After he was pulled into one of the open airlocks on the belly of the ship, he was grabbed by three tall Irith-funjir.

The Irith-funjir are seven-foot-tall reptilian aliens. They walk upright, supported by long spiked tails and have lizard-like heads. Their skin is a greenish color and the ridges on their backs and tails have a bluish tinge.

Silently he walked down the ships dark halls, until he was thrown into a prison cell.

Inside, there where several other people, one of which was...

"Marcus!" Shouted Jacken, "What are yo-", but was stopped by a painful jab in his side. One of the guards had poked Jacken in the ribs with it's tail.

"There will be no talking in the prison cell. Anyone who does-," the guard began, with a twisted smile, "Our methods of torture are very long and painful, so I suggest you don't." Then, turning to the rest in the room he said "We are taking you all to Uranus, for interrogation. If you co-operate, we will afterwards give you a quick and painless death."

He gave Jacken another jab, and left the cell, closing the door behind him.

A trickle of blood oozed out of the cut the guard gave Jacken. He sat down on the seats the cell provided, right across from Marcus, who put a finger on his lips, and pointed to a camera on the wall. Clearly, the guards made sure that no one talked or tried to escape. Several people were laying on the floor trying to sleep. There was nothing to do. No one to talk to and nothing to listen to except a few faint explosions (which Jacken guessed to be the rest of his squadron getting blasted into debris) and occasional screams coming from the torture chambers. At several times different people where thrown into the cell who Jacken recognized as men belonging to his squadron.

After a few long hours he decided to follow the sleeping men's example and try to get some shut-eye. Although he wasn't tired in the slightest, sleep would be a great relief. His efforts were not in vain and even though Jacken was woken at certain intervals, he was able to sleep through most of the journey to Uranus.


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