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Sir Walter Elliot was a man who, for his own amusement, never took up any book but the Baronetage...

The Baronetage is a place for the readers and writers of the Derbyshire Writers' Guild to introduce themselves. In its newest incarnation, the Baronetage connects people's names to the DWG stories they have written.

How to use it: Anyone can browse the Baronetage archives and view the full entries (for example, Margaret D). To add and update your profile, you must be registered and logged onto the Phorum message boards. This is a requirement because we use Phorum's user authentication functions to determine which entry is yours to edit.

What to include in your profile: Whatever you want, so long as the content follows the usual DWG guidelines. You can update it as often or as rarely as you want, and all changes are immediately viewable. You can use HTML tags, text formatting, and include small images. Sorry, we can't store your images on our server. Images and HTML formatting do not appear on the Baronetage archive index page, but they will appear when you click on the "View full bio" link. Your e-mail address is only displayed if you allow it to be displayed on your Phorum profile. To change it, use the Phorum message board control center. (The @ is replaced by -JA- to confuse spambots.)

Story lists: The Baronetage now matches people to the stories they have written. If you have contributed a story since 2006 and you are registered on our message boards (with a name identical or close to being identical to the name listed in the story archives), we tried to match all your stories to your name. We skipped over collaborations, so you will have to add those to your account yourself. If your profile lists a story that you did not write, please remove it. If you are an DWG writer and you registered on the message boards after 10 Dec 2008, you will have to add your old stories to your profile yourself.

Adding and Removing stories: Go to the post your bio page, and click the "Submit + Add stories" button. You will see all the stories currently assigned to you. Below that is a list of stories that are matched more loosely to your name, hopefully including collaborative stories you have written with friends. You can also add a story by specifying the exact title and author name. New stories (that are not collaborations) should be automatically added to your profile if you are registered in Phorum. If they are not, please tell us so we can improve our software.

Send comments, questions, problems, or suggestions to Crysty. Last update 10/6/10.

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