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Location:Madison, WI
Joined DWG:28 May 2009*
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Persuasion
Second favorite JA novel:Northanger Abbey
Favorite JA adaptation:NA2 (2007)

My first Jane Austen experience resulted from the Wishbone P&P adaptation. It intrigued enough to have me reading the book. In fact, I read it in a single snow day. My English teacher that year introduced me to THE Darcy adaptation and we giggled over the cuteness of Colin Firth quite a bit over those first few months.

The questions up above are so very hard. Of course, I love P&P, but I think I've felt so sad at the neglect of the others that they've climbed in my favor. Anne Elliot is one of the most beautiful people ever written. Jimmy's "Gentleman from Glouchester" never let me see NA in the same way and is responsible for that #2 ranking up there. The recent Masterpiece Theater adaptation of the book more than surprised me in its retelling (and I've watched it far, far, far, far too much since buying it.)

Leave it to say that I have a fondness for her strong, sensible women - the Elinor Dashwoods and Anne Elliots - and her charming, witty men - the Henry Crawfords, Henry Tilneys, and even Sidney Parkers.

* I actually used to pal around here in the 1999-2000 range as a precocious teenager who loved the chatroom and learned so much from this crew of fantastic ladies and gents. I guess I was just a bit late actually getting around to trying my hand at writing. :-X

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A Better Course of Action Written by Susan C. Henry Crawford never sacrifices his chance with Fanny Price on a lark with Maria Rushworth, and Mary Crawford and Edmund Bertram must face their irreconcilable differences without the crutch of Henry’s indiscretion. ~MP~ Last update 02/21/2015 (Epi)

Minor Alterations Written by Susan C. Dot Three Austen men change their minds and change their stories to the relief of (almost) everyone involved. ~NA~ ~P&P~ ~Per~ Last update 04/05/2010 (Epi)

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