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Nothing More Natural Written by Nisha. Dot Emma has danced with Mr. Knightley countless times before - but there's something different this time. ~Em~ Last update 02/22/2010 (Epi)

Sense and Sensibility Written by Nisha. Dot Married life is not quite what Emma had hoped it would be. ~Em~ Last update 02/22/2010 (Epi)

So Much the More Enchanting Written by Nisha. Dot Emma doesn't renew the conversation to find out just why Mr. Knightley envies Frank. ~Em~ Last update 02/23/2010 (Epi)

A Reputation for Accomplishment Written by Nisha. Dot Emma rues the day she ever mentioned asking Mr. Knightley to teach her Chinese. ~Em~ Last update 02/23/2010 (Epi)

Remarkably Reprehensible Written by Nisha. Dot Emma and Mr. Knightley deal with the aftermath of Mr. Woodhouse's death. ~Em~ Last update 04/20/2010 (Epi)

The Mystery of the Missing Turkeys Written by Nisha. Dot When the Westons' turkeys are stolen, there's more to the situation than meets the eye. ~Em~ Last update 04/20/2010 (Epi)

George Written by Nisha. Dot She had always thought of him as simply George. ~P&P~ Last update 05/05/2010 (Epi)

Secrets and Strawberries Written by Nisha. Dot At the Donwell strawberry party, Mr. Knightley overhears Frank and Jane arguing. ~Em~ Last update 09/05/2010 (Epi)

Everything and Nothing Written by Nisha. Dot She had not seen him for some months since he had gone away to London, and something about him had changed in that time. ~Em~ Last update 06/15/2010 (Epi)

The Root of His Troubles Written by Nisha. Dot Young George Knightley is on his mid-term break, and the last thing he wants to do is spend it babysitting little Emma Woodhouse. Regency, pre-novel. ~Em~ Last update 06/26/2010 (Epi)

An Extremely Disagreeable Business Written by Nisha. Dot She had never been more concerned or upset in her life than when she heard the news of his engagement. ~Em~ Last update 07/24/2010 (Epi)

A Proper Object Written by Nisha. Dot "I should like to see Emma in love with a proper object and in some doubt of a return; it would do her good." Mr. Knightley lives to regret those words when the handsome, amiable, charming, good-hearted Frank Churchill arrives for his father's wedding. ~Em~ Last update 09/22/2010 (Epi)

Love and Friendship Written by Nisha. Dot She had always known that happiness in marriage was entirely a matter of chance, and that the choice that would be given to her hardly merited the name. ~Em~ Last update 10/15/2010 (Fant)

No Object of Regret, Indeed Written by Nisha. Dot Emma has everything planned for the perfect wedding... that is, until Mr. Knightley backs out. ~Em~ Last update 10/28/2010 (Epi)

Half Agony, Half Hope Written by Nisha. Dot After the Box Hill picnic, in despair that Emma will marry Frank, Mr. Knightley decides to rescue Jane Fairfax from her fate as a governess, and asks her to marry him instead. ~Em~ Last update 03/10/2011 (Epi)

Ask Amy Written by Nisha. Dot The agony aunt of the Highbury High Chronicle comes to realise that she doesn't know as much about relationships as she thought she did. ~Em~ Last update 05/09/2011 (Fant)

An Inconvenient Contract Written by Nisha. Dot Richard and Isabella are childhood friends whose parents wish them to marry and have in fact promised them to one another. This very naturally inclines them to rebel; and of course it is to avoid marrying each other that they run off to Scotland togetherů Last update 05/08/2011 (ANI)

Sardines at Hartfield Written by Nisha. Dot Instead of alphabet squares, Frank Churchill suggests a game of Sardines. ~Em~ Last update 06/26/2011 (Epi)

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