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Location:Wisconsin USA
Joined DWG:lurked for about a year...joined in 2010
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P2 (1995)

I have a mild Jane Austen addiction. (Similar to pretty much everyone else on this site, right?) P&P was my favorite and the first of her stories that I read when I was about 16 or 17 and have been hooked ever since. I do love other genres...but I read P&P at least once a year, and try to do at least one other JA novel each year too.

[Side note: I was disappointed when in Sr. year of high school our Eng./Lit. teacher switched the Austen selection from P&P to Emma because she had read it every year for the past 7 years and needed a switch so she didn't delve too deep in discussions (and wonder why her students couldn't see what she did). So, I would sometimes have lunch in her classroom (conveniently her free hour) and we would talk P&P and eat our PB&J.]

Anyway, I started lurking about a year ago when I was laid off and needed something to fill my days. I found this site and was hooked. I credit this site and all of you wonderful people for helping to keep me sane...well, you and my dog who spends most days sleeping near me. Thank you.

I am a structural engineer and a classically trained chef. I use the latter mostly at home to the great pleasure of my husband. I also spend my time knitting and crochetting.

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