Kath   (phorum profile)

Location:Chicago, IL
Web site:http://wistfulaustenite.wordpress.com
Joined DWG:Apr 2010
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P3 (2005)

Hello! I am (obviously) a lover of all things Austen, I enjoy taking English Country Dance lessons, going to regency balls, sewing my own regency gowns and reading good fanfiction. I have started writing a story that hopefully will be posted here some day.

Outside of my Austen obsession, I am a classical musician. I teach music lessons and practice for many hours a day. I also love to cook, bake, travel and time with good friends.

I have so enjoyed the stories that are posted here, and I am looking forward to reading many more!

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Author of:

Mrs. Collins' Debut Written by Kath. From the day Mr. Collins steps foot into the Bennet household, Mary is determined to secure him. After enlisting the help of Mrs. Bennet, studious Mary attempts to make a life for herself. ~P&P~ Last update 02/10/2011 (Epi)

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