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Location:Camrose, Alberta Canada
Joined DWG:1998
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P2 (1995)
ANI Contributer:Yes

It has been ages since I joined DWG, I was probably thirteen when I first started lurking and fourteen when I started posting my stories.

I have fallen off the radar screen of DWG since joining the real world in 2003 - i.e. when I began university. I have since abandoned that endeavour, completed an administrative assistant program and began work for the same university in their Development Office. Ironically, once I started working there and discovered the tuition program available to employees I have slowly started to finish the aforementioned (and now no-longer abandoned) degree. According to my calculations, at the current snail's pace I'm going, I should be graduating in 2018 - just a few years behind schedule!

In Spring 2011, my better half and I bought a house in a small little village outside of Camrose and are now deeply involved in landscaping, deck staining and thoughts of basement finishing. All the while, we are enduring blatant hints from his family that with the purchase of the house and a station wagon four months later, there must be "something else" in the works. If nothing else, they get points for persistence, if not accuracy.

I still occasionally dabble with my writing, but until I have actually completed a story I refuse to subject any readers to the indecently long waits that are predominant between posts. ;-)

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Author of:

Janet And Elisabeth Written by Tamsin. Dot As young children the earl of Matlock's two daughters, Janet and Elisabeth Fitzwilliam, are kidnapped. Twenty years later it is learned that they were taken and raised by a family named Bennet from Hertfordshire. ~P&P~ Last update 04/07/2002 (Epi)

Separation Written by Tamsin. Dot After rescuing Lydia, Darcy writes to Elizabeth proposing marriage again, but tragic circumstances prevent him from receiving her reply. ~P&P~ Last update 09/02/1999 (Epi)

Secret Marriage Written by Tamsin. Dot A man and a young lady head for marriage at Gretna Green. Afterwards, they find they must keep their marriage a secret until the gentleman comes fully into his inheritance. ~P&P~ Last update 07/16/1999 (Epi)

The Search for FitzWilliam Darcy Written by Jen F and Tamsin. Darcy disappears, and Wickham is most certainly at fault. Jen and Tamsin must team up to save our hero. ~P&P~ Last update 08/15/1999 (Fant)

Sand And Water Written by Tamsin. Dot After Darcy's death a song brings comfort to Elizabeth and her son. ~P&P~ Last update 07/27/2003 (Fant)

To Dance In The Rain Written by Tamsin. Dot Charles and Jane try to get Elizabeth and Darcy to go on a blind date, but a chance encounter makes it completely unnecissary. ~P&P~ Last update 07/16/2001 (Fant)

The Trashed Tot Written by Tamsin. Last update 10/28/2002 (ANI)

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