Julia G   (phorum profile)

Location:Sydney, Australia
Web site:bluebella22@hotmail.com
Joined DWG:2000?
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P3 (2005)

54 year old Teacher (English/History)loves both P&P 2 and 3 versions (will have to dig out no. 1 version). Have read the complete works of JA but still love P & P best. I follow up all JA that I can sequels, films etc whilst I know they may not be the best examples they always throw a fresh insight to either JA or her work. I have only read one book which had some of JAs letters would be interesting to see more of JAs biography and of course a thorough trip of England is in the planning stage just need to sell off my last two teenagers at home! A love of P&P has sprung into an exploration of other period films such as North and South, Cranford, Little Dorrit, Wives and Daughters. I have travelled all over my own country (ask me any questions) not so much overseas but I plan to! Mother of 4 (34)(24)(20)(18) 24 is the girl.Mad outspoken, audacious Australian with heaps of interests over the years Travel sports surf and sun. Have started beta ing and love it, will delurk one day and write P&P Aussie style. Besides studying and teaching P&P got hooked by 1995 dvds and followed up from there much to my sons dismay OMG Mum not that 1800s stuff again! and wheres my dinner? Triple major Education, English and History Minor Economics - Batchelor Arts/Social Sciences. Dip Ed (Diploma Education Eng/History/HSIE).. Not sure I want to do a masters essays leave me cold let alone some 100,000 plus word disertation LOL. I might one day however do a degree of Family History because it fascinates me people, origins, occupations and all the quirky family secrets and stories you find along the way!

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