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Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
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Well, when I started looking up stories on DWG, I was SUPPOSED to be doing my M.Phil thesis for 2 years. Now that phase is over (with a fat work on Shakespearean Adaptations to show for my, ahem, troubles) and, by a fluke of great good luck (or not - time will ultimately tell), I have landed a job as a Government college lecturer who will attempt to drill the English language into unwilling brains for years to come.

I have always loved Jane Austen's works, but my world changed the day I discovered the varied and never-ending world of Austen fan fiction. The instigator was, but the standards are definitely higher on DWG. I can't quite believe myself, but in the past one year I have literally devoured hundreds of stories without reaching the threshold of satiety. My sole sorrow is that I will perhaps never be able to churn out anything good myself ...but hey, where will all the authors go if we readers are not there to appreciate them, right? :)

p.s: Well, what do you know, I actually am posting a story of my own after all! Here's to many more to come!

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Rachel's Story Written by Anita Misra. Dot Last update 12/04/2011 (ANI)

Proud to be Prejudiced Written by Anita Misra. Dot A short look at some of Mrs. Bennet’s thoughts during the Netherfield Ball. ~P&P~ Last update 01/16/2012 (Epi)

His Angel of Mercy Written by Anita Misra. Angelina was used to fending for herself in a lonely corner of Dartmoor with her small yet devoted household to keep her company. After her parents died and left her with only the house to call her own, Angelina's one over-ruling concern was to look after Brooklyn Grange. Her solitary existence is threatened with the advent of a stranger in the middle of a freak snowstorm; and on top of that, the man doesn't even have the courtesy of remembering his own name! Last update 06/21/2012 (ANI)

Rachel's Story, out-take Written by Anita Misra. Dot An out-take from Rachel's Story, this is Miranda's story, of the night she had to flee her secure life. Last update 08/11/2012 (ANI)

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