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Location:North Central Washington State
Web site:http://vhw-corp.com/
Joined DWG:07 Dec 2010 I jumped right in, feet first, hit my head
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Sense & Sensibility
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P2 (1995)

Do not be alarmed. My web site is long in the tooth. So am I; those few I have left.

"She who must be obeyed..." sorry, Rumpole, but that best suit a mother, was forced to teach me how to read and write, because the schools were of little use and consequential only as to costs. Still, I had to go to school, and did not get any fit required reading until university. I would rather be whipped than go read.

After university, I found that I go on reading binges. I read the Babylon 5 books, then the Miss Marple, and recently P&P after I watched the local library's copy of P&P2 c.October 2010. Since then, I have read some riveting reads in JAFF; certainly much better than another popular series' FF.

For a pastime, now that I am getting past my time, is writing FF. I tend to favor crossovers because of the two lines of canon that tend to prescribe the bounds of imagination or creativity. Is it truly creative if it is so far off the wall?

Reality is not what it used to be. Now is time to escape into good fantasy.

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Author of:

Jane and Elizabeth's Paranormal Journey Written by Rae Elaine. Dot Jane and Elizabeth meander through Longbourn's grounds as they discuss the Meryton Assembly ball the next morning until they experience a time slip. When the trip is done, they find themselves into an inconvenient situation within our modern time. Here and now, in their future, Elizabeth is more shocked at a most peculiar and personal finding. It is possible that she can meet her descendant when the surprise abates of being hurtled two centuries into their future. ~P&P~ Last update 05/25/2015 (Fant)

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