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In the Spirit of Communitas Written by Natalie. Elizabeth goes off to a small college in New Hampshire where she rooms with Jane. ~P&P~ Last update 08/02/2001 (Fant)

The Alchemist: A Short Story Written by Natalie. Dot An alchemist risks all when he attempts what he considers a risky experiment with Miss Elizabeth Bennet. ~P&P~ Last update 02/02/2007 (Epi)

To Err Is Human Written by Natalie. Dot After five years living with her aunt, Anne Elliot finds herself with her own home and financial independence. She also has her aunt's last advice, to seek her own happiness. ~Per~ Last update 06/17/2004 (Epi)

A Mother's Role Written by Natalie. Dot Mrs. Bennet was always disappointed with her husband. A lazy man and a drunkard, he is useless to his family. Mrs. Bennet sees to the estate and her daughters' education. ~P&P~ Last update 06/17/2004 (Epi)

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