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Shyness and Sincerity Written by Sofie. Dot Elizabeth overhears Mr. Darcy's comments to Mr. Bingley at the Meryton Assembly, but is determined not to make a hasty judgment of the man. By the time the night is done, she comes to believe that he is not haughty, but is shy. ~P&P~ Last update 10/31/2002 (Epi)

Time of the Season Written by Sofie. Dot Darcy is an inspector for the Federal Horticulture Agency and Elizabeth is a nursery manager. They meet under inauspicious circumstances at the height of a plant disease scare. Regulation of the plant disease, and the subsequent certification program, keeps them in contact and at loggerheads. ~P&P~ Last update 03/31/2008 (Fant)

Halloween Challenge: The Sucklings Come to Highbury Written by Sofie. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~Em~ Last update 01/06/2008 (Fant)

Halloween Challenge: The Night of The Living Thorpes Written by Sofie. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~NA~ Last update 01/31/2007 (Fant)

Up From The Ashes Written by Sofie. Dot Elana Barnes takes over a rundown garden store and greenhouse and hopes to turn both it and her life around. Her neighbor, however, wants the unsightly business torn down. ~P&P~ Last update 09/25/2005 (Fant)

The Musketeer Written by Sofie. Dot At a masked Halloween party, Elizabeth finds George Wickham hiding under a Musketeer costume...then again, maybe not. ~P&P~ Last update 02/12/2005 (Fant)

Swiftly Falling Snow Written by Sofie. On Christmas Eve, Elizabeth gets caught in a blizzard. When her car drives into a ditch, she is found by Darcy, the man she refused a few days before. ~P&P~ Last update 10/15/2004 (Fant)

Soul Meets Soul Written by Sofie. Dot One lie could destroy Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship. ~P&P~ Last update 03/26/2004 (Fant)

Dispelling The Darkness Written by Sofie. Dot A bad dream leaves Belle shaken, but William knows how to help her forget her nightmare. ~P&P~ Last update 01/23/2004 (Fant)

Pember Lake Written by Sofie. Dot Bella Gardiner starts a new life and a new job at Pember Lake Elementary only to be insulted on her first day by the head teacher, Mr. D Fitzwilliam. ~P&P~ Last update 08/13/2003 (Fant)

Novel Hopping In Hertford Written by Sofie. Dot Mrs. Bennet nearly becomes addicted to smelling salts when every eligible house in the neighborhood fills up with the eligible bachelors of Jane Austen's stories. ~P&P~ ~Misc~ Last update 02/25/2003 (Fant)

A Gentlewoman for Her Sake Written by Sofie. Dot Collins vows to marry Charlotte when he discovers he is not considered worthy to aspire to Jane's hand, but becomes distracted from his purpose when he meets another young lady at the Netherfield Ball. ~P&P~ Last update 07/05/2008 (Epi)

The Next Best Gift Written by Sofie. Dot After Tom's refusal to die and Henry Crawford and Maria's disgrace, Edmund must look for a new lady to woo because Mary Crawford is beyond his hopes. ~MP~ Last update 03/31/2008 (Epi)

The Last Best Gift Written by Sofie. Dot Fanny Price's stay in Portsmouth is extended due to Tom Bertram's illness and she wonders if she will ever be called home to Mansfield again. ~MP~ Last update 03/31/2008 (Epi)

A Fall in Lyme Written by Sofie. Dot The party from Uppercross wake up on their first morning in Lyme to find themselves snowed in at the inn. Unable to go out and walk on the cobb, they must deal with cabin fever and a different course of events. ~Per~ Last update 03/31/2008 (Epi)

The Mark of the Cat Written by Sofie. Dot A crossover of Pride and Prejudice and Mary Stewart's Touch Not the Cat. Elizabeth Bennet returns to her home after her father's death, hoping to solve the mystery surrounding it and to finally discover the identity of her lover who she communicates with mentally. ~P&P~ Last update 02/07/2007 (Epi)

Venus and David Written by Sofie. Dot Caroline loses two months when she goes on a bender and wakes up to discover she is married, but to whom? Is it Darcy or, heaven forbid, someone less worthy? ~P&P~ Last update 02/07/2007 (Epi)

Fools in Love Written by Sofie. Dot Darcy's Hunsford proposal has an unexpected outcome when he decides to throw caution into the wind. ~P&P~ Last update 02/07/2007 (Epi)

Listening at Hedges Written by Sofie. Dot Chapters of angst are avoided when Elizabeth eavesdrops on a very important conversation. ~P&P~ Last update 02/07/2007 (Epi)

A Toad in Hand is Worth Two in the Bodice Written by Sofie. Dot An evening of hopping amusement at Rosings leads Elizabeth to learn some lessons on beauty. ~P&P~ Last update 02/07/2007 (Epi)

The Annoying Truth Written by Sofie. Dot At the Meryton assembly Darcy overhears Lizzy saying that she has no desire to dance with someone as pretentious, haughty, and ungentlemanly as he. Naturally offended, he vows to himself that she is the last person on earth he would ever offer for--but one of his best friends has other ideas. ~P&P~ Last update 02/07/2007 (Epi)

Only the Deepest Love Written by Sofie. Dot When Mr Bennet tells Lizzy that she must be a stranger to one of her parents if she accepts Collins, she misunderstands him and agrees to the marriage. ~P&P~ Last update 10/03/2005 (Epi)

The Three Brothers Written by Sofie. Dot Due to a serendipitous accident, Charlotte Heywood is invited for a few months to the home of the Parkers in the seaside resort of Sanditon. Here she meets a variety of new acquaintances and broadens her outlook, and very possibly, learns what it is to love. A continuation of "Sanditon". ~Misc~ Last update 10/15/2004 (Epi)

No One Can Compare Written by Sofie. Dot Elizabeth and Darcy meet in a cottage during a storm, and find solace in each other's arms. The actions of this day change the course of their lives, as they have to live with the knowledge of what they have done, not knowing if they are ever to see each other again. ~P&P~ Last update 01/23/2004 (Epi)

A Most Auspicious Star Written by Sofie. P&P / This Rough Magic (Mary Stewart) crossover. Bea Bennet comes to stay in Corfu with her older sister, Miranda. She meets Max Darcy and accuses him of taking potshots at a dolphin - as a result he insults her and she is disgusted by his attitude. The attempted shooting is only a foreshadowing of the danger and intrigue that she finds herself involved in, and the enigmatic man that she cannot seem to escape. ~P&P~ ~Misc~ Last update 11/02/2008 (Fant)

Halloween Challenge: Dreaded Dusk, Sorrowful Sunrise Written by Sofie. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~P&P~ Last update 11/03/2008 (Fant)

The Runaway Fiancée Written by Sofie. Dot Melina Amburton runs away rather than marry an impoverished peer who is only interested in her fortune. Running away soon proves fraught with problems, but at least it's not a bad as being sold into a loveless marriage Last update 07/11/2007 (ANI)

The Spurious Rake Written by Sofie. Dot Last update 08/31/2005 (ANI)

To Enter a Tapestry Written by Sofie. Monica and Roxanne and their cousins jump into a tapestry and find themselves transported to another world where they go on a quest that involves dragons and trolls and even a hot knight or two. Last update 03/21/2007 (ANI)

The Wager Written by Sofie. Dot A bookish bluestocking needs convincing when one of the most dashing gentlemen of the Ton trys to win her heart. Last update 03/31/2005 (ANI)

Witch's Hat Written by Sofie. Last update 10/10/2002 (ANI)

The Flowerstone Written by Sofie. Last update 09/24/2003 (ANI)

From Fash to Fancy Written by Sofie. Dot Last update 12/18/2005 (ANI)

Gazing at Waistcoats Written by Sofie. Dot Millicent Mainwaring, paid companion to Lady Stanton, launches her beautiful younger sister upon society but has no aspirations towards marriage herself. Last update 05/01/2005 (ANI)

Ivory and Opals Written by Sofie. Dot Last update 08/31/2005 (ANI)

The Look in Your Eyes Written by Sofie. Dot Last update 03/31/2005 (ANI)

A Matter of Choice Written by Sofie. Dot Mr. James Warrington, the younger son of a baronet, gives up a respectable future in the clergy to become a steward. Miss Emily Sidford has been betrothed since birth to Lord Ralph Prescott, and doesn't believe in love. These two are destined to meet. Last update 11/25/2002 (ANI)

The Reluctant Fiancée Written by Sofie. Dot Last update 03/21/2007 (ANI)

The Perfect Match Written by Sofie. Dot Lady Amelia Fanshawe's parents have her future all planned out for her, but she has no intention of marrying a gentleman she hasn't picked for herself. Last update 04/20/2013 (ANI)

Double Trouble Written by Sofie. This is the story of Felicity (from The Perfect Match). Last update 06/02/2013 (ANI)

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