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Location:Austria, the Western region (Yep, that's important.)
Web site:http://ladysusan.livejournal.com
Joined DWG:Can't remember. Seems like ages ago. Some time in 2000 I guess.
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Northanger Abbey
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P2 (1995)
ANI Contributer:Yes

I'm a teacher of history and English (and a couple of minor subjects) in secondary school.

In college I became acquainted with JA; unfortunately I decided to start my JA experience with MP, which put me off for a while. MP is not a good place to start on JA, I've found. After having seen the 1995 P&P adaptation I decided to give JA another chance, and fell in love.

I started writing JA fanfic in summer 2000, when I didn't have much else to do. It began as a kind of therapy and escapism, and has become my main hobby in the meantime. My other hobbies include reading, and music.

My main haunt at DWG is the ANI board, where I post my original, non-JA based stories. Though I do write the occasional fanfic piece just for the fun of it.

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Author of:

A Lover and a Friend Written by Ulrike. Dot Elizabeth Martin accompanies a family friend to the seaside. There are two young men there who are quite interesting, and quite interested in her, too. Now she has a really difficult decision make! This is a sort of sequel to "A Love Most Unwanted". ~P&P~ Last update 10/22/2002 (Epi)

A Winter In Vienna Written by Ulrike. Dot Colonel Fitzwilliam settles into Vienna on a diplomatic mission after the war. He learns quickly that Vienna's ladies can certainly affect a gentleman. ~P&P~ Last update 07/08/2002 (Epi)

A Love Most Unwanted Written by Ulrike. Dot Harriet and Robert Martin retain their love for one another, even when broken apart by Miss Woodhouse. This story is a sequel to "A Most Delightful Summer". ~Em~ Last update 06/10/2002 (Epi)

A Most Delightful Summer Written by Ulrike. Dot Harriet Smith settles in at Mrs. Goddard's school and soon makes friends with Elizabeth Martin. Harriet is invited to Abbey Mill Farm for the summer. ~Em~ Last update 03/22/2002 (Epi)

Sophy Written by Ulrike. Dot Sophy Wentworth's mother worries that she will never marry. But Sophy soon enters into a whirlwind courtship with a sailor she barely knows. ~Per~ Last update 03/03/2002 (Epi)

Stardust Written by Ulrike & Cindy C. Dot Anna von Eltow and Friedrich Wingendorff meet again after eight years and a world war apart in 1948 Germany. ~Per~ Last update 04/22/2011 (Fant)

Halloween Challenge: Dead Man’s Cove Written by Ulrike. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~Per~ Last update 01/06/2008 (Fant)

Cousin Harry Written by Ulrike. The return of a highly eligible cousin from India as well as Mr Bingley moving into the neighbourhood make Mrs Bennet feel fairly confident that she will have two of her daughters safely married before the year is out. ~P&P~ Last update 04/05/2009 (Epi)

Halloween Challenge: Stardust - Halloween Special Written by Ulrike and Cindy C. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~Per~ Last update 11/03/2008 (Fant)

An Impossible Case Written by Ulrike. Falling in love for a second time is an impossible case for widower Andrew Hartwell. Last update 05/13/2007 (ANI)

The Ampleforth Girl Written by Ulrike. Last update 06/28/2008 (ANI)

A Capital Investment Written by Ulrike. Dot A wealthy banker agrees to a marriage of convenience, only to discover that a love-match is what he wants. Last update 02/13/2006 (ANI)

Celia Written by Ulrike. Dot The moment Lord David Andell meets Celia Townsend for the first time he is determined to marry her. Which leaves him with the task of winning said lady's regard, as well as making peace between Celia and her brother, who happens to be his best friend. Last update 01/06/2009 (ANI)

Setting an Example Written by Ulrike. Last update 08/31/2005 (ANI)

Starting Over Written by Ulrike. Dot Grudgingly, Rosalind Acton must accept that the man who once slighted her is her new neighbour - and that maybe he isn't as bad as she thought. Last update 05/01/2006 (ANI)

Stormy Weather Written by Ulrike. A prequel to A Winter In Vienna, it is also a standalone story that leads to the happenings of the winter of 1814 and 1815. Last update 03/23/2002 (ANI)

Tales to Tell Written by Ulrike. Dot Last update 04/28/2002 (ANI)

Cuckoo Children Written by Ulrike. After their mother's death, a pair of twins come to live with their father in England. Their difficulty to fit in with their new surroundings soon turns out to be the least of their problems Last update 10/28/2005 (ANI)

Emilia Written by Ulrike. Dot To discourage an unwelcome suitor, Emilia Brentwood tells him she is engaged to someone else. Unfortunately, her imaginary fiancé is VERY real. Last update 06/29/2005 (ANI)

The Fickle Bride Written by Ulrike. Dot Barbara Markham has second thoughts about her impending marriage when, on a visit to her sister, she meets her sister's brother-in-law. Last update 01/01/2000 (ANI)

The Fortune Hunter Written by Ulrike. Dot Fortune hunters, according to Mr. Paige, were the eighth Biblical Plague, and he tried everything to protect his daughters from them. Olivia Paige minded her father's warnings and was wary of fortune hunters - too wary at times Last update 08/03/2004 (ANI)

Helena's Bone Written by Ulrike. Dot Last update 01/01/2000 (ANI)

The Ice Queen Written by Ulrike. Dot A young singer's reputed coldness does not keep true love away. Last update 05/01/2005 (ANI)

Not Made for Marriage Written by Ulrike. Dot Major Horvath thinks he is not made for marriage, but he may realise his error yet. Last update 11/30/2004 (ANI)

An Unfashionable Couple Written by Ulrike. Dot Last update 06/01/2009 (ANI)

The Misogynist Club Written by Ulrike. Take a lonely country house, a group of friends known as the Misogynist Club, and two females stranded at their door. Last update 01/29/2009 (ANI)

The Mystery of Colby Green Written by Ulrike. Dot When Captain Gilbert returns home after the battle of Corunna, he expects to be bored to tears. He did not reckon with a highwayman terrorising the area - nor did he expect to fall in love with his sister's annoying, meddlesome friend. Last update 01/19/2010 (ANI)

A Change of Fortune Written by Ulrike. Dot An unexpected inheritance enables Captain Morrison to marry Eleanor, the love of his life. But her reaction to his proposal is not quite what he hoped it would be. Last update 05/08/2011 (ANI)

The Horrid Miss Clarke Written by Ulrike. Lucy Clarke feels that her authorship of "horrid" novels might shock her acquaintance and ruin her reputation. Last update 04/16/2012 (ANI)

Maids When You're Young, Never Wed A Dead Man Written by Ulrike. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~Em~ Last update 11/11/2010 (Fant)

The Dairy Maids Daughters or A Tyrolean Sense and Sensibility Written by Ulrike. After old Farmer Daringers death, his wife and three daughters must find a new home and make a living for themselves. Luckily, a friend of the family can offer them a place as dairy maids. ~S&S~ Last update 03/04/2014 (Fant)

Husband Hunting in Brighton Written by Ulrike. Having failed to catch a rich husband in Bath, Isabella Thorpe is now heading for Brighton. ~NA~ Last update 07/21/2011 (Epi)

Marry in Haste Written by Ulrike. Younger sons cannot marry whom they like - as Mr Edenthorpe, youngest of seven, knows. Last update 03/29/2013 (ANI)

Out of Tune Written by Ulrike. Mrs Bennet has conducted the Meryton Singers for years, and her daughters are, of course, members of the choir. But in order to take part in a choral festival in Sweden, they need more singers, male singers in particular. ~P&P~ Last update 10/23/2012 (Fant)

From Hades Written by Ulrike. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~S&S~ Last update 11/02/2012 (Fant)

The Sins of the Fathers Written by Ulrike. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~P&P~ Last update 12/12/2014 (Fant)

The Barber Surgeon's Tale Written by Ulrike. Dot A Halloween Challenge. ~Em~ Last update 12/20/2015 (Fant)

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