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Nature of the Beast Written by Autumn D. Dot Darcy has only had a few months to learn to control himself as a werewolf when he accompanies Bingley to Netherfield, where he meets Elizabeth who has strong magic with plants and animals, and Wickham, the werewolf who turned him. ~P&P~ Last update 07/13/2013 (Fant)

Nature of the Beast Excerpts Written by Autumn D. Additions to Nature of the Beast ~P&P~ Last update 06/10/2013 (Fant)

History Teacher Written by Autumn D. Dot Last update 06/29/2013 (ANI)

The Curse Written by Autumn D. Thomas Bennet was an adventurer in his youth, until he was cursed. He tried to retire from the magical life but the curse followed him and Elizabeth now bears the full brunt of it. ~P&P~ Last update 06/26/2019 (Fant)

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