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What If Sophy Knew Written by Cristi. Dot Though she hides it well when she meets Anne Eliot, Sophie Croft is well aware of the lady's previous engagement to Frederick. ~Per~ Last update 06/10/2008 (Epi)

A Conversation With Georgiana Written by Cristi. Dot After learning of Lydia and Wickham's elopement, Darcy confides in Georgiana. ~P&P~ Last update 04/29/1999 (Epi)

Country Persuasion Written by Cristi. Dot After Anne Elliot breaks up with him, Frederick Wentworth hits it big in country music. Eventually, they meet again when his sister and her husband rent Kellynch Farm. ~Per~ Last update 08/07/2000 (Fant)

Pride in the Skies Written by Cristi. Dot Two airlines consider a merger as Pemberley/Netherfield Airlines seeks an alliance with Longbourne Airways. Will there be other mergers too? ~P&P~ Last update 04/23/1999 (Fant)

The Making of Henry Written by Cristi. Dot When Fanny Price refuses Henry Crawford’s proposal, he asks for the chance to prove his love. Even though she still loves Edmund, Fanny agrees. ~MP~ Last update 10/12/2008 (Epi)

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