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Location:Depends on how you define it.
Joined DWG:2006
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:Other

Tell you about me - that assumes there is something worth knowing.
I was born in California; my father is from there and my mother is from Puerto Rico. I studied in Seattle, Mexico, Italy (kindergarten counts as studying, right?) and Greece, and the last one is where I live. I earn my daily bread by contributing to worldwide confusion (translating and interpreting - I'm a proud polyglot and wish in fact that I could post in other languages). I've liked writing stories since I was about 11 years old, and coincidentally happened to discover this site, started reading stories, and then writing them. I live with my wife Eva and a white rabbit named Francesco.
In real life I dislike all forms of aristocracy and oligarchy, which is probably why I like making fun of them in my stories and comments. I like making people laugh. And I love the term "plot bunny"!
Among other unrelated matters, I once wrote on a job application under skills "helping cats purr".
Since March I have joined the Crisis Management Team, a volunteer organization that is involved in rescuing and humanitarian aid efforts, including mountain search-and-rescue, lifeguarding, firefighting, emergency room assistance, and dealing with natural disasters. My training course started on April 22, and my world is being rocked by many things (rappeling from cliffs and rock climbing being just two of them). Major Ick calls me General Punster, which is rather accurate.

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Author of:

The Mudseum Written by José. Dot On holiday with his sister and friends in Meritona, Greece, William Darcy discovers that his foundation has financed the creation of a museum dedicated to mud, where Charles Bingley proceeds to fall head over (the museum guide’s) heels. ~P&P~ Last update 10/17/2008 (Fant)

Departure from Prison Written by José. Dot A letter is sent to Bath when Mr. Rushworth decides to change the course of his life. ~MP~ Last update 10/17/2008 (Epi)

After They Left Written by José. Dot Lieutenant Denny’s thoughts in the days after Wickham and Lydia leave Brighton together. ~P&P~ Last update 09/25/2008 (Epi)

The Tale of Uncle Jackrabbit Written by José. An accidental encounter on the way to Hunsford and some unexpected advice convince Darcy to reconsider his actions. ~P&P~ Last update 11/12/2009 (Epi)

An Officer and an Honest Man Written by José. Events in Hertfordshire, as told by Lt. Reginald Denny. ~P&P~ Last update 02/10/2009 (Epi)

The Mother of All Marriage Proposals Written by José. Dot Caroline Bingley decides to violate the rules of propriety in order to secure the man of her dreams. ~P&P~ Last update 11/09/2008 (Epi)

The Netherfield High School Assembly Written by José. Dot At the assembly where Netherfield High wraps up a fire safety and industrial arts project, Principal Ronald Hurst and Assistant Principal Charles “Mr. Chip” Berkeley have some surprising announcements to make. ~P&P~ Last update 11/09/2008 (Fant)

Somewhere on the Way Written by José. Dot A lorry driver shows Georgiana Darcy that not all the men of this world are Wickhams. ~P&P~ Last update 11/21/2008 (Fant)

Of Mice and Uncles Written by José . Dot On New Year's Day, William Darcy revisits some memories and receives some advice. Then he goes to visit Elisabetta Benedetti. ~P&P~ Last update 12/28/2008 (Fant)

Passion and Prudence Written by José. Dot Colonel Brandon is overwhelmed by his emotions – especially frustration – in the garden just outside Barton Cottage, without realizing that he is being observed from an upstairs window. A precursor to “The Tale of Uncle Jackrabbit”. ~S&S~ Last update 12/28/2008 (Epi)

What REALLY Happened at Waterloo Written by José . Dot The mysteries of the Battle of Waterloo are explained, including the use of battle scones, the involvement of the Stud Muffin Club, the charge of the Bingley Brigade, and the answer to the question “where were the Prussians?” ~P&P~ Last update 01/04/2009 (Fant)

A Most Noble Pursuit Written by José. Dot Lady Catherine and Sir Walter Elliot would never have guessed how useful titles can be - read and find out for yourself. ~Misc~ Last update 12/13/2009 (Fant)

Escape from Kellynch Written by José. Dot Anne Elliot comes up with A Novel Idea, which makes her Fantasia come true and provides a most enjoyable Epilogue. ~Per~ Last update 12/13/2009 (Fant)

The Regency Bowl Written by José. Dot In which the heroes of Austen College lead its football team to a great victory, frustrating the ambitions of rival Rosings, with key plays by several characters familiar to us. ~P&P~ Last update 01/19/2010 (Fant)

Chronica Lagomorphica, Or Bits of Bunny Fur Written by José. Furry creatures hop into Austen novels and modern retellings, altering plots and sometimes even improving human communication. ~P&P~ Last update 02/23/2010 (Fant)

Your Coffee Is the Future Written by José. Dot Vetta works at the airport serving coffee. After a British traveler behaves rudely to her, she discovers that some of his co-workers, including the boss that fires him on the spot, are indirect acquaintances of hers. ~P&P~ Last update 03/28/2010 (Fant)

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