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He was no robot Written by Shannon K. Dot Darcy's attempt to understand his transformation between the time he professed his love and the time he handed her the letter. Last update 03/17/2013 (ANI)

He still watched her videos Written by Shannon K. Dot An exploration of Darcy's evolution between the time he hands Lizzie his letter and the time they meet at Pemberley, focusing on the effect her videos have on him. Last update 03/17/2013 (ANI)

All that his words implied Written by Shannon K. Dot Darcy gains the courage to ask Lizzie on a date during her stay at Pemberley Digital, despite presumably knowing that if she rejects him this time he cannot expect a third opportunity. Last update 03/17/2013 (ANI)

The words that broke him Written by Shannon K. Dot Last update 04/20/2013 (ANI)

A different messenger Written by Shannon K. Dot At Netherfield, Darcy instead of Bing comes to remind Lizzie and Caroline about the wine-tasting tour. He finds them filming. Last update 08/24/2013 (ANI)

A different date Written by Shannon K. Dot Darcy asks Lizzie to the theater, but she can"t give the answer he wants. Not when he doesn"t know about her videos. Last update 01/19/2014 (ANI)

A different dance Written by Shannon K. Dot Darcy discovers Lizzie's videos before the Gibson wedding. Will they still share the most awkward dance ever? Last update 08/24/2013 (ANI)

Nothing more to say about him Written by Shannon K. Dot How did Darcy come to say, with sincerity and resignation, "I realized you were right. As much time as we spent together in San Francisco, we hadn't become friends"? Last update 08/24/2013 (ANI)

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