Karen A   (phorum profile)

Location:the Netherlands
Joined DWG:26 Jan 2009
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P2 (1995)
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Author of:

Goodnight Elizabeth Written by Karen A. Dot While Elizabeth Bennet takes an instant dislike to the dark and handsome owner of Pemberley Books and Press, Darcy is instantly attracted to her. Compliments are misunderstood and insults are made. But when William Darcy pours out his heart in music, Elizabeth can no longer pretend to be unaffected. A happily ever after seems inevitable. But not so hasty if you please! Let us not forget Wickham! ~P&P~ Last update 07/13/2009 (Fant)

Pride and Prejudice meets Shrek Written by Karen A. Dot One day Shrek Darcy, feared by all of humanity, finds his Pemberley swamp to be filled with fairy tale creatures. In order to get his swamp back he goes on a quest for the Lords Collins Farquaads, together with his companion Binkey the Donkey, to rescue Princesses Jane and Lizzy from a far away castle guarded by an orange dragon. ~P&P~ Last update 04/02/2009 (Fant)

Teeth a "Sense and Sensibility and Mr. Darcy and Sharks in Space Riding Motorcycles Plus There Is a Time Machine" Story Written by Karen A. Dot A sharp teethed man in search of some reading for his wife. ~S&S~ ~P&P~ Last update 05/11/2010 (Fant)

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