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Web site:none
Joined DWG:21 Feb 2009
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Persuasion
Second favorite JA novel:Mansfield Park
Favorite JA adaptation:NA2 (2007)

Longtime member of Republic of Pemberley, my online persona aka Eirene. Wandered in here while Googling Mansfield Park (due to a revived interest). Find I should have wandered in here sooner. I like the quiet stillness and steadiness that is Fanny Price.

Always appreciated the second chance Anne Eliot and Captain Wentworth have in Persuasion.

Experienced goosebumps when first reading the portion in Pride and Prejudice when Lizzy sees Darcy on the grounds at Pemberley....needed to voraciously finish the book with no breaks after that point to see how it ended.

Much enjoyed my university class where we studied all Austen novels for the whole semester (most excellent fun I've ever had in an English class ever....never had known there were more books after P and P and read them all in that class).

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