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Joined DWG:1999
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Persuasion
Second favorite JA novel:Mansfield Park
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P2 (1995)
ANI Contributer:Yes

Helllooooooooo everybody! Well I'm back with a new bio... Hmmmm... Something about me... Well I like music....uhhhh reading of course.... hmmmmm... I'm kinda boring but hey, who cares? Haven't been around much the last few years--new job, got married, blah blah blah. Fortunately the husband has a great tolerance for my JA addiction and actually enjoys seeking stuff out for me! Ahhhhhhhhhh...addictions...Mr. Darcy....Captian Wentworth...Mr. Collins...wait... MR COLLINS??? EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! *runs screaming into the night*

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Author of:

When The Evening Falls Written by Coleen V. Dot Colonel Fitzwilliam is in no hurry to marry, but longs for the happiness he sees his brother and cousin Darcy enjoying. ~P&P~ Last update 05/05/2001 (Epi)

The Highwayman Written by Coleen V. & Tabbi W. Dot Once Darcy has made his fortune he intends to take Elizabeth to Gretna Green, but his profession will force both to a different fate. ~P&P~ Last update 01/10/2001 (Fant)

A Christmas Fiasco Written by Coleen V. & Tabbi W. Dot Belle and Leigh (Ashton) can't imagine Christmas without a tree to decorate, and so they go out on their own to get one for Pemberley. ~P&P~ Last update 12/26/2000 (Fant)

Uh Oh, Spaghettios! Written by Coleen V. Dot Darcy and Elizabeth must deal with the arrival of mountains, the violence of trees, and the whims of the authoress before declaring their love. ~P&P~ Last update 08/29/2000 (Fant)

Pamela, Collins, and Lady Cat, Oh My! Written by Coleen V. Dot An Ultimate Imagination Challenge. Various silly elements, such as Lady Catherine in a bikini, are combined in this story. ~P&P~ Last update 05/24/2000 (Fant)

Deathmatch: Charles Bingley vs. Edmund Bertram Written by Coleen V. Dot The crowd goes wild as Bingley and Bertram take the ring, though most of the crowd is wild about various Austen men sprinkled through the audience. Will Jane and Fanny have the last laugh? ~P&P~ ~MP~ Last update 05/17/2000 (Fant)

No-one But You Written by Coleen V. and Tabbi W. After agreeing to marry Frederick, Anne Elliot reconsiders and decides she can't give up on her dreams to follow him. After a year apart, events occur which might make any reconciliation impossible. ~Per~ Last update 02/26/2001 (Fant)

Pride In Space! Written by Coleen V. & Tabbi W. Mel Brooks' "Space Balls" inspires this version of Pride and Prejudice. ~P&P~ Last update 01/23/2000 (Fant)

Mr. Darcy's Breeches Written by Coleen V. A new explanation for Darcy's reluctance to dance: his breeches are too tight! ~P&P~ Last update 03/30/2003 (Epi)

An Ambitious And Mercenary Connection Written by Coleen V. After pressure from Sir Thomas, Fanny Price relents and agrees to marry Mr. Crawford. ~MP~ Last update 05/19/2000 (Epi)

Doppleganger Written by Coleen V. & Tabbi W. Darcy soon regrets doing his uncle a favor by hiring his twin cousins to work at his restaurant. ~P&P~ Last update 10/01/2003 (Fant)

Gunning Down Romance Written by Coleen V. Dot Anne and Frederick struggle to make their marriage work but one mistake threatens to change everything. ~Per~ Last update 02/06/2002 (Fant)

Did I Miss Something? Written by Coleen V. & Tabbi W. Two young ladies get lost hiking, pitch a tent in the woods for the night, and read themselves to sleep with Pride and Prejudice. Before falling asleep they muse that it would be fun to be able to live out the story and see the events take place. In the morning they find their wishes coming true. ~P&P~ Last update 11/18/2001 (Fant)

Revolting Revolution Written by Coleen V. & Tabbi W. A sequel to "Did I Miss Something?". Angry with their brother, Belle and Leigh (Ashton) declare war on Lockwood. Unfortunately, a certain disagreement leads them to declare war on each other instead. ~P&P~ Last update 07/06/2001 (Fant)

Live and Let Die Written by Coleen V. Jack Darcy returns to his hometown of Meryton, full of conceit and arrogance, until a local martial arts instructor kicks some sense into him. ~P&P~ Last update 09/04/2009 (Fant)

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