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Pemberley Beach by Elizabeth Famous: Reviewers Wanted

May 21, 2024 02:07PM
Complimentary reviewer copies of Pemberley Beach are now available!

Pemberley Beach is a contemporary reimagining of Jane Austen's beloved classic Pride and Prejudice. Set in a picturesque seashore resort, the story follows Elizabeth Bennet, who resides in a humble trailer park on the outskirts of town. Her life intertwines in unexpected ways with Will Darcy, whose imposing beachfront estate, Pemberley, stands as a symbol of wealth and privilege. As the two navigate the complexities of class, family, and romance, they must confront their preconceived ideas of each other and resolve dramatic misunderstandings.



Backcover Blurb:

In Pemberley Beach, worlds collide at a high-society party where Will Darcy slights Elizabeth Bennet’s looks, setting the stage for their tumultuous relationship, fueled by wit, pride and an undercurrent of desire.

A contemporary twist on Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, Pemberley Beach is set amongst the sun and sand of a modern seashore resort where Elizabeth’s quest to escape the trailer park she grew up in leads her into the path of arrogant Darcy, owner of beachfront Pemberley estate.

Elizabeth’s playful, teasing remarks are hard to ignore, and Darcy battles his unwitting attraction to her as his best friend starts dating Elizabeth’s older sister Jane. Suspicion about the Bennet girls’ reputation as “gold diggers” triggers controversy and misunderstandings.

After some verbal sparring at a private pool club, Darcy propositions Elizabeth — not with marriage as in the original Pride and Prejudice but with sex. She turns him down, giving him a tongue lashing he’ll never forget.

Contrite, Darcy apologizes and invites Elizabeth to a swanky jazz party at Pemberley. Sparks fly. What would their families and friends say if they started dating?

Enter seductive Wickham, Darcy’s nemesis, who poisons Elizabeth’s mind with outrageous stories about Darcy’s cruelty toward “his social inferiors.” Wickham, who’s as handsome as Darcy, does more than flirt with Elizabeth, and then uses his allure on her 18-year-old sister Lydia, weaving a web of deception and indiscretion that jeopardizes not only Elizabeth’s reputation but her burgeoning career as a music teacher.

Amid the escalating scandal, which has the whole town whispering, Darcy is confronted with a choice: give up on his undeniable feelings for Elizabeth or take a stand against the idea that Pemberley Beach would be polluted by someone like her.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Famous, a bestselling author celebrated for her evocative love stories featuring authentic, imperfect characters, revels in navigating the complexities often sidestepped in traditional romance. Her debut novel, Love and Candy, was a poignant exploration of first love, and her second work, Light, Bright & Sparkling, followed the compelling tale of an aspiring singer/dancer.

With an unwavering passion for Jane Austen, Famous draws inspiration from the iconic author in her latest endeavor, Pemberley Beach.

Pemberley Beach by Elizabeth Famous: Reviewers Wanted

Elizabeth FamousMay 21, 2024 02:07PM


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