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Chicklit snark

January 30, 2011 11:13AM
If I understand Shem correctly - not having read the book in question - then chicklit snark is basically something that is snarking chicklit.

Chicklit is a term to describe literature aimed primarily at women, mostly, that is, romances and romantic comedies, of various eras.

Snark or snarking means to poke fun at something or parodying it, both lightly and in good humour as well as deeper and more seriously. This doesn't only mean literature, but also, for example reviews or other discussions.

If you will, Northanger Abbey is an example of chicklit snark, because it pokes fun at the conventions of gothic novels (which were of course also read by men, but seem to have been a great hit with women).

Hope I got that right ;-)

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Books I have read

ShemmelleOctober 08, 2010 12:01AM

You liked the Jane-Austen-is-a-vampire book?

Margaret DOctober 08, 2010 01:01PM

Re: You liked the Jane-Austen-is-a-vampire book?

ShemmelleOctober 09, 2010 02:39AM

what is...?

Rae ElaineJanuary 29, 2011 09:24PM

Chicklit snark

Mari A.January 30, 2011 11:13AM

My library needs to hire your librarian

Margaret DOctober 12, 2010 01:19PM

Re: My library needs to hire your librarian

Elizabeth WestDecember 14, 2010 02:03AM

Seriously my library is insane...

ShemmelleOctober 13, 2010 08:29AM



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