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Sanditon and Servants

April 13, 2013 06:43PM
So I had a bit of driving to do today, and found I had Sanditon on my Ipod, so began listening from the beginning. I have only read through chapter 4 so far . . .

What really struck me on this listen was how many servant were involved in the first chapter. Its not often we see them in JA's writing. The driver of the carriage is thought to have potentially overturned them on purpose. The men who came to assist were from the fields of Mr. Heywood. The fact that women and children were also working the fields was really striking to me!

And then, as I heard Mr. Parker wax on and on about Sanditon while his wife stands by and Mr. Heywood tries to get him to the house, I realized the men were all there listening, waiting to right the carriage!


Sanditon and Servants

Debra McApril 13, 2013 06:43PM


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