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Re: Chapters 9 and 10 and 11

April 30, 2013 05:47AM
I read through the end a few weeks ago. I meant to post, and then forgot, and then I wrote a whole post about it and accidently had the whole thing erased and didn't have the heart to rewrite it again. I wasn't sure if anyone else was still interested either.

I must admit that I read the last few chapters in a state of perpetual impatience for Sidney to appear. Each time there was a carriage pulling up somewhere I wanted it to be him, and was so disappointed that it was first the hypochondriac trio and then the girls' school, none of whom I cared a fig about. He does appear in chapter 11, the LAST CHAPTER, but then all we do is see him briefly, and then spend the rest of the book at Lady Denham's house, where I did not want to go.

Things I remember noting: Aurthur Parker making cocoa and toast over the fire. Interesting historical note for me. There also seems to be sort of an Anne-Benwick vibe going on between him and Charlotte. You know, she's giving him sensible advice, he looks like he's falling for her.

I was interesting in the reference to a half-mulatto girl too. Miss Lambe must be Austen's first mixed race or otherwise non-white character.

I would like to comment on chapter 11 too, if no one minds. Besides my bitter frustration over the brief appearance of Sidney (what one wouldn't give for a single scene of him talking with Charlotte), I did notice that Lady Denham, in the way she's always straightening everything, reminds me of an elderly lady I know. I was once over at her house, doing some cooking for her, when I got in trouble for drying my hands on a kitchen towel. It turns out that towel was only for show. She had very strict rules about how exactly she wanted everything done and where it could be put, for much the same reason as Lady Denham, because her need for order was increased by her old age and the various frailties that came with it.

Also, this is a chamber-horse: http://myparticularfriend.com/?p=3190. Who knew?

Chapters 9 and 10

LiseApril 23, 2013 07:44PM

Re: Chapters 9 and 10

Carol PApril 24, 2013 01:12AM

Re: Chapters 9 and 10 and 11

Suzanne OApril 30, 2013 05:47AM

chamber horse

LiseMay 02, 2013 06:53AM

Re: chamber horse

Suzanne OMay 02, 2013 06:04PM


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