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Looking for a P & P story

October 28, 2020 08:14PM
Hi, I'm looking for a P & P story that starts with Darcy's father, still alive, going to London to see his doctor and gets a diagnosis with short time to live, has dinner with an old friend, I think with the Bennets (or possibly Gardiners) and meets Elizabeth and is impressed with her/thinks she is perfect for his son; talks to her father and I think arranges it. Goes home, but sends Darcy to London to meet her and get to know each other. They do get married, but later back at Pemberley, Wickham is trying to kill the elder Mr. Darcy for some kind of revenge.

Thank you for any ideas on what the title is.

Looking for a P & P story

EvelynJeanOctober 28, 2020 08:14PM

Re: Looking for a P & P story

BernieNovember 04, 2020 09:17PM

Re: Looking for a P & P story

EvelynJeanNovember 05, 2020 12:25AM


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