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New Fanfiction Website

November 28, 2020 08:22PM
Hello Dwiggies,

I want to let you all know that I have launched a new fanfiction website at:


As you can see I'm publishing under a different name. So please check out my website and sign up for my mailing list if you want to receive updates when I post new stories. I've started with one new story I wrote last year that hasn't been posted anywhere before and will be adding content periodically, including some stories that I've posted here at DWG in the past.

My first published novel will be released next month. It is based on Mansfield Park and I've mentioned it here a few times. I will be posting a preview both on the new website and here at DWG as I get closer to the release.


Alicia M

New Fanfiction Website

Alicia MNovember 28, 2020 08:22PM


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