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Re: Looking for a story

March 03, 2021 11:49AM
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a story in which Jane is courted by the colonel, and cousin William (Collins) is a nice attractive man of whom the girls are very fond. Whilst J & E are staying with the Gardiners, J takes their carriage plus maid and coachman for some reason and they are hijacked, driven into the country and imprisoned in a brick building, but the coachman has sent his dog back to the Gardiners with something stuck in his collar. Eventually they realise there is some kind of message and luckily Collins appears with his bloodhound. The dog follows their scent and Jane is rescued through a hole in the brick wall. The earl, Lady C and the viscount are all behind this and their alibi is that they are all at Rosings. The viscount can't resist bragging to Collins through the use of wordplay, thinking he is too dumb to understand. He got 3 of his "friends" to capture Jane to ruin the Bennets so the colonel won't marry her and/or Darcy marry E. Think Collins might end up marrying Anne de Bourgh.
I just can't find this in the JAFF index but I know I have read it a while ago. Hope someone can help. Sandy

Looking for a story

SemiramisMarch 01, 2021 04:23PM

Re: Looking for a story

sandymMarch 03, 2021 11:49AM

Re: Looking for a story

LizzySMarch 03, 2021 01:17PM

Re: Looking for a story

CarmaMarch 03, 2021 03:48AM

Re: Looking for a story

SemiramisMarch 07, 2021 09:48AM


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