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April 08, 2021 10:37AM

MANSFIELD PARK is Jane Austen's most controversial novel. The heroine, Fanny, is meek and conventional. The hero, Edmund, is a prig.
Yet a Jane Austen heroine had no choice but to obey certain rules. When Fanny is taken in by Sir Thomas Bertram's family she must behave as they want or risk losing her home. She is bullied by her aunt, her relations treat her as a skivvy, and her beloved cousin is in love with a much more glamorous young woman. Her future looks grim.
Human nature hasn't changed very much in 200 years, but society has. This novel fast-forwards Jane Austen's characters into the twenty-first century and shows them behaving in the same way, but facing different futures. The heroine, called Franny in this version, is a shy and unhappy teenager. After her cousin Tom trashes his father's stately home, she goes back to her feckless mother, but that turns out badly. Two men are interested in her. She has decisions to make.
Available as a paperback or e-book.


Merryn WilliamsApril 08, 2021 10:37AM


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