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knocker up?

April 13, 2021 02:13AM
I'm trying to translate a P&P fanfiction story where one of the main characters returned to London and now his ‘knocker is up’. I guess it's supposed to signal that visitors might be let in.

Unfortunately, I can't find a specific entry for it in the dictionaries. (Only knocker-up, but I guess that means something else).

If I think of the knocker as a lion's head with a ring in its mouth, what would I have to do to make the ‘knocker not up’?
- dismantle the whole knocker?
- remove the ring somehow?
- clamp the ring somehow so you can't move it?
How do you do this exactly and what tools are needed?

I looked it up in Jane Austen, but there is no knocker in P&P. Hopefully one of you can explain it to me.

knocker up?

Nick H.April 13, 2021 02:13AM

Re: knocker up?

HarveyApril 16, 2021 01:47AM

Re: knocker up?

LizzySApril 15, 2021 02:48PM

Re: knocker up?

HarveyApril 16, 2021 01:48AM


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