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Looking for a couple of stories

April 21, 2021 04:59AM
These stories were quite likely pulled from the archives to publish, but it is making me mad not remembering their titles.

In one of them Lizzy rejected Darcy, but somehow after that she finds herself dining in Rosings with the Collins, the colonel, Darcy and Lady C. Lady C. decides to force Darcy to marry Anne by declaring to all present that they're engaged. Lizzy realises this, and to save Darcy from an unwanted marriage to his cousin, she interrupts Lady C before she says he's engaged to Anne, by declaring that she can't announce Darcy"s engagement to HER (Elizabeth) because they haven't her father's consent yet. Lady Catherine gets shocked and speechless while the Colonel and Charlotte rush to congratulate Lizzy and Darcy.

In the other story Jane and Bingley are already married, traveling back from London to Hertfordshire, taking a still single Elizabeth with them. Bingley gets sleep (or so it seems) and Jane comments to Lizzy that it is rumored in London that Darcy will soon get engaged to a beautiful well connected heiress he's been apparently courting. Elizabeth says: "poor Miss Bingley", but then begins crying, because she's already in love with Darcy. Bingley reveals he was not sleeping, and says he will tell Darcy that she's being crying for him. Elizabeth forbids him from telling Darcy that, but he does anyway, the next time he sees Darcy.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me the titles of these stories, and the authors too, although I suspect that one of my favorite fanfiction writers of all time is the authoress of ar least one of them.

Looking for a couple of stories

Antonella mtcApril 21, 2021 04:59AM

Re: Looking for a couple of stories

JeannineApril 25, 2021 05:33AM

Re: Looking for a couple of stories

Antonella MTCApril 26, 2021 09:56PM


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