July 03, 2021 05:24PM
I've been amazed at long my fairy tale vignettes lasted, and really happy to see all the responses people gave. Thanks again to everyone who read and commented: I loved seeing all the different emotions/reactions to what was essentially a labor of love I didn't expect to catch on much.

Just a brief announcement that I am taking a break from writing any more stories to focus on finishing edits on the novel I wrote last year during the pandemic. It's a sequel to Northanger Abbey that I hope to publish in September, both on my blog and on FF websites like this one.

In the meantime, if anyone's interested, I'm going to also repost some of the fairy tale vignettes on my blog in compilations based on the work they were inspired by. So, for example, today I posted a collection of all the Sanditon stories in chronological order. I'm not going to repost them elsewhere for now, again largely to put my attention squarely on finishing up my longer works.

I'm glad to see more people posting again, and though I've emailed and posted before, I'd like to again offer my services to the mods to help with anything the website needs. I think everyone would like to see some of the newer materials hosted in the main story areas.

Again, thanks go all, and happy writing.

Happily Ever After (For Now)

MichelleRWJuly 03, 2021 05:24PM

Re: Happily Ever After (For Now)

Alicia MJuly 12, 2021 02:02PM

Re: Happily Ever After (For Now)

NN SJuly 07, 2021 10:38PM

Re: Happily Ever After (For Now)

MichelleRWJuly 12, 2021 01:20AM


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