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Just to let you know...

August 04, 2021 05:25AM
Hi all!!!

I'm a new member here, and just wanted to say hi and let you know--if any of you might possibly be interested--that my new Austenesque novel has been out for a month and that the .99 promo (which certainly helped it to get to Amazon #1 in classic historical fiction and three other categories) will end in September.

So, IF you might be interested, it's .99 at the moment!!!

Susan: A Jane Austen Prequel is a rare prequel to Austen's own novel, Lady Susan. In my novel, Susan--instead of cruelly trying to marry her daughter off to a man she loathes etc.--is twenty years younger, a young and mischievous sixteen. She's still very willing to manipulate - but only in a good cause.

It's light, bright and feel-good, but it's also been awarded a rating of 10 out of 10 by Publishers Weekly's BookLife Prize, 5/5 stars on IndieReader, SPR, Readers Favorites and the ChickLit Cafe, and recommended by US Review of Books.

(#stunnedandamazed #happyhappybunny!!!!!)

If any of you read it and like it and feel you MIGHT be willing to read the sequel pre-publication, for free, I'm looking for people who really understand Jane Austen to advise me around November (this year) so please find me on social media - or here, if that's allowed!

(Amy said I could introduce my book here, but I'm still very much a newbie. I haven't even read a single story yet!)

Otherwise, I'm a London ghost writer, and I've also had novels published by Orion/Hachette (contemporary novels) and a thriller brought out by UK's Unbound (under a pen name). My parents were US diplomats so I grew up in Asia and McLean VA. I came to London originally to study cello with Jacqueline du Pre, and married an Englishman.

I'm NOT a solo cellist myself, but I have been lucky enough to play in many of the top London orchestras, so music is hugely important in all my book(s). For Susan: A Jane Austen Prequel I was helped a great deal by my husband, a Professor of music at the University of London and an expert on music of the period. Other than Jane Austen and music, I waste many happy hours playing tennis and walking our twin long-haired dachshunds.

All the best to all of you!!!

Alice (McVeigh)

Just to let you know...

Alice McVeighAugust 04, 2021 05:25AM


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