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eBook & New Series

December 14, 2022 05:34PM
So I've taken the first step into the world of self-publishing. I had originally thought this announcement would be for Gentlemen of Gloucestershire but since I haven't been able to devote the time to revisions on that work that I'd like, I'm instead offering a different, shorter story called Trifles Light as Air. I've only posted this series on my blog and AO3 since it was a sporadic writing challenge and I wasn't originally sure what would happen with it. It's still freely available online to read but now also available as an eBook from Apple, Kobo, etc. (for those who want to skip the wait and read the last few chapters now!)

I also wanted to announce the new series I'll be posting in January, on my blog as well as AO3 and here at Dwiggie: Estancia Aldea NorteƱa, a novel-length modern AU based on (what else?) Northanger Abbey. This book is set 2008 Argentina and follows Catalina Morena as she leaves her home for the coastal city of Mar del Plata. I posted some artwork on my blog and look forward to getting more information out soon.

This year I've largely lurked here at Dwiggie rather than posting or commenting regularly. I hope next year I'll not only have more to share of my own writing but also carve out time to appreciate all the activity here. Thanks as always to the readers and contributors here.

eBook & New Series

MichelleRWDecember 14, 2022 05:34PM

Re: eBook & New Series

MichelleRWJanuary 03, 2023 11:57AM


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