January 05, 2023 04:44AM
This was generated by ChatGPT, which is a new AI text engine from OpenAI. I gave it the direction: 'The first chapter of a Jane Austen fanfic where Darcy marries Lydia Bennet'. The first one was shorter, so I tried again with: 'the same story but with more details and longer'.

Fanfic authors are not in any danger of being put out of business, but this is a definite improvement over what I've seen from previous generations. And one of my daughters used it to do a medical literature search, and it was successful in suggesting studies leading a doctor to consider continuing an effective, off-label treatment for one of her friends (that is, drug X was helping her friend, but Dr Y said "That isn't what the drug is for" and was going to stop prescribing it, and my daughter tried asking the question of Google, and googling drug X and condition Z and got nothing, while ChatGPT listed a couple of relevant studies where doctors were treating Z with X).


It was a beautiful spring day in Hertfordshire, and the birds were singing in the trees as the Bennet sisters made their way to Meryton to attend the weekly assembly. Jane, the eldest, walked arm in arm with Elizabeth, her second sister, both of them chatting and laughing as they went. Mary, the middle sister, walked a few steps behind, her nose buried in a book as usual, while Kitty and Lydia brought up the rear, giggling and gossiping about the eligible bachelors they hoped to meet at the dance.

As they approached the assembly hall, Elizabeth caught sight of Mr. Darcy, standing on the steps with his friend Mr. Bingley. She couldn't help but feel a flutter of excitement at the sight of him, despite her best efforts to remain indifferent. He was, after all, one of the most desirable bachelors in the county, with his handsome face, tall stature, and ample fortune.

But her feelings of attraction were quickly dashed when Mr. Darcy caught her eye and scowled at her, his usual expression when in her presence. Elizabeth sighed and turned her attention back to her sister, determined to enjoy the dance despite Mr. Darcy's presence.

The assembly was lively and crowded, and Elizabeth found herself being whirled around the dance floor by a series of partners, some more skilled than others. She couldn't help but sneak glances at Mr. Darcy as he moved gracefully across the floor with one partner after another, always seeming to avoid her gaze.

As the evening wore on, Elizabeth was pleased to see that Jane was having a good time, chatting and laughing with Mr. Bingley. But her own evening was less enjoyable, as she found herself constantly dodging Mr. Darcy's disapproving glances and trying to avoid the clutches of Mr. Collins, the obsequious and pompous clergyman who had recently inherited the Bennet family's home, Longbourn.

Just when Elizabeth was ready to give up and go home, she heard a commotion at the door and turned to see Lydia, her youngest sister, being led into the hall by a tall, handsome man.

"Lydia, where have you been?" Elizabeth asked, trying to hide her concern. Lydia was known for being reckless and impulsive, and Elizabeth was always worried about her sister getting into trouble.

Lydia giggled and waved her hand. "Oh, I've just been out for a walk with Mr. Darcy," she said, grinning from ear to ear.

Elizabeth's eyes widened in shock. Mr. Darcy, who had always seemed to loathe her family and their lower social standing, had been out walking with Lydia? It was almost too unbelievable to comprehend.

But as the evening went on, it became clear that Mr. Darcy had indeed formed an attachment to Lydia, and within a few short weeks, the two were engaged to be married.

Elizabeth was both thrilled and bewildered by the turn of events. She had always thought Mr. Darcy was proud and arrogant, but now she saw a different side of him, one that was kind and generous to her family. And as she watched Lydia and Mr. Darcy happily plan their future together, she couldn't help but feel a sense of hope for her own future as well. Perhaps there was still a chance for her to find love and happiness, despite the societal expectations and constraints that seemed to hold her back.

AI written story

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