June 12, 2023 04:52AM
Anyone have any idea if this story will ever get finished? Her writing was always good, but I felt the mysteries got better and better with the subsequent books, and I was completely hooked on the last one. I have made up some explanations for a few of the 'mystery scenes' - the cut scenes where people don't have names, and it's not clear until much later in the story what is going on - but for most of them I am baffled about where things are going.

I've gotten worried that she might not be writing anymore - perhaps she even passed away? - so I've been trying to write a completion to the story for myself, but there are so many loose threads at that point in the tale, and she always fools me with where things are going at least a few times, so I'm dubious I'll manage to finish.

If anyone knows anything about the author, I'd appreciate hearing. Thanks.

Lucrezia story "Hell Gate"

HarveyJune 12, 2023 04:52AM

Re: Lucrezia story "Hell Gate"

AiJune 13, 2023 01:37AM

Re: Lucrezia story "Hell Gate"

HarveyJune 17, 2023 05:12PM


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