July 23, 2023 08:38PM
Has anyone done a novel about Willoughby's Illegitimate daughter-In S&S?
It is very possible that Colonel Brandon, akind man, and Marianne brought Eliza Williams up their child.
There is a great novel there for someone- when Eliza turns 18,and on a trip to London,confronts her father, and meets her half brother...Willoughby's son...
and lots of Regency anguish and turmoil for the older Brandon's and Marianne's sister.Elinor, and the
half brother and sister go wild-(possibly the girl runs away to London ,later,etc.etc...)......
(and of course the son looks exactly like his father)...

Did Anyone do a Novel About Willoughby's Illegitimate Daughter?- S&S.r

Netsua AustenJuly 23, 2023 08:38PM


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